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Where can I get help with picking a domain name?

Asked by mirza (5057points) July 27th, 2007

I need a domain name for the WebOS that me and my friends plan to launch in October. It should be less than or within 6-7 letters. All the good ones seem to be taken and googling "domain name generators" isnt helping. Plus none of us are really creative enough to come up with something good. So please help?

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Since almost all decent (and indecent, for that matter) 6-7 letter top-level .com names are taken, consider going the .us route, as cleverly did.

While we're on the topic, I would recommend using to quickly check for domain name availability.

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A second for (I wouldn't recommend searching through other sites, because some will actually buy the names that you're considering!). The name-generating tools are generally pretty bad, though looks cool.

But in the end the best way to generate a name is a combination of creativity, research, and persistence. I found myself using quite a bit, and brainstorming all the time. The other option is to pay a pro. I remember finding a website that offered to find quality domain names for $100... if only I could remember their name... :-)

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Next to the .us names there are also the .be and .it names that can give you some room to play around finding an original domain name. Another thing is to leave out vowels (it's a web2.0 thingy)

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how about ????
and i really appreciate the help

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lots of ways to misspell that one, in my opinion.

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what's the name of the webOS you're trying to launch? (and can I get an invite to the private beta?) maybe it'd be easier for us to help if we knew the name ... but you could try .de if you're leaving out the e at the end ... then, it would be or something ... oh yeah, and helps you compare traffic to different domain names, if you have several but can't decide

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@mabelrxu : we havent decided on a name yet - the domain name will be the name of the webOS. It goes live hopefully by the end of October and thats when we'll start our 3-month private beta

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i'd say zinkd over zinckd

feel free throw other ideas out (if you trust that people won't try to steal them =)

and isn't .de for Germany? if so, i wouldn't suggest that way to go about it

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@zina : is already taken
and yes .de stands for deutchland which is germany
i was planning on naming it just

but now i am thinking about hoping that ppl dont steal the domain name

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Zived is decent.... it's short enough and phonetical enough, you might want to buy it quickly (as it's a tiny investment)... I'd be nervous talking about a domain I like for more than 10 minutes without buying it.

Here's a suggestion: (and then you could get as well).

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I like zinc9 better than zived. Phonetically, is indistinguishable from (which goes for pretty much any other name ending with the letter D).

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Heres the one that my whole team and i picked -
We have negotiated a deal to buy just to be safe
We also bought,

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Congrats! Good luck on your project, and nice name!

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Inform us when it's done!

mark's avatar (<—not .com) has some decent free tools for quickly finding what’s available based on whatever number of characters, etc… you can live with.

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