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What exactly is a fantasy football league?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) August 20th, 2008

After reading this question I got up the nerve to ask a question that has been on my mind for a while now. What is fantasy football? Is it just a betting pool? Do you pick players and create your own team? Is there such a thing as a fantasy soccer league or fantasy baseball league? Is football the only sport that lends itself well to such an endeavor?

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What is fantasy football?
An online game where participants pick existing players and score points based on the performance of their players. Trades and free agencies are common.

Is it just a betting pool?
Sometimes people will place bets on whose team will do the best, but it is not “just a betting pool.”

Do you pick players and create your own team?
Yes. However, it is set up like the real NFL. Every team is in a league. League size can vary considerably. Each player exists only once per league; therefore, two participants cannot have the same player on their teams.

Is there such a thing as a fantasy soccer league or fantasy baseball league? Is football the only sport that lends itself well to such an endeavor?
Yes, just about every major sport one or more fantasy games.

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If you want, you can join my WNBA Fantasy League next year.

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In the league I participated in several years ago each fantasy owner would buy in for $250 and the top three team owners at the end of the year would win cash ($1000, $500, $250). I won the league in my “rookie” year thanks predominately to big points Brett Favre. I took a chance on a rookie receiver my second year and he scored big enough to carry my team to a second place finish, despite some critical injuries to other key players. That would be a gentleman named Warren Moss.

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The greatest thing ever! It’s a game based on player stats. You pick players and their stats equate to points. Each week you play a different team.. Until the playoffs when of course I win it all…SuperBowl baby! Been there done that got the t-shirt… It’s addictive.

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It’s a way for some of us less-athletic, want-to-be jockeys to live out our “fantasies” through attaching our loyalties to certain players in such a way as to feel overwhelmed with excitement when they score. Basically put, it is a way to satisfy many unfulfilled thirsts for competition at the highest level. Through Fantasy Football, one is able to take part in the NFL via fantasy-style pretenses. And if you should ask “who are fantasy footballers?” Why, we should simply reply, “We are but dreamers.”

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Another part of the addictive draw..

Fantasy sports allow the player to exercise his/her powers of prediction. And we get to do so not at the level of simply betting on which team is going to win, but with the added complexity of predicting which player is going to do better than the other.

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I might add that it is very fun to play. It is especially fun with a group of friends. I have been playing for years with the same group of friends and family. We get together for great food and watching games. We joke and trash talk and have a blast!

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