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Re. Jamal Khashoggi, did Saudi Arabia say that it was an interrogation gone wrong?

Asked by flo (11343points) 3 months ago
I don’t know this source, by the way, it just happened to be the one that matched the search terms I used.

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I don’t think so. Saudi officials have insisted Mr Khashoggi left the consulate unharmed though few people believe it.

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No video show him leaving only entering.

Oh Trump and Kushner say it isn’t so and they were no near !

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Apparently the embassy said there’s no video footage available with them since security cameras weren’t not working.. that’s so convenient!!

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That’s the latest I’ve heard.
Interrogation gone wrong = tortured to death….

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Sometimes when you smack someone during interrogation, pieces of them get knocked off.

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So, nothing yet, right? I thought about to would be the next day or something.

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Thank you all.
How do people keep kids from hearing the gruesome (“dismembered”) details by the way?

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@flo you can’t in this day and age. You can only tell them there are bad people in the world, and you will keep them safe.

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I think most kids are desensitized to violence, at an early age. Well. Kids exposed to movies, games, and the Internet.

The media shows things that I don’t approve of all the time. Every 9/11, they show the planes crashing into the towers. Sometimes, they show the people jumping to their deaths from the fires. It makes me want to vomit.

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I suppose so, @Mr.Grimm888 esp. regarding the jumping people on 9/11. I thought that they couldn’t show certain things, and newspapers can’t post the pictures, maybe not by law…
But how about “discretion advised for the news item in 2 minutes” or something like that.

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Getting back on topic the Saudis are now saying Khashoggi died after a “fight” in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.source

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So. That’s the 3rd change of the story….

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Ahhh. The Friday news dump.
Always important stories released on Fridays.
Forgotten by Monday…..
How convenient.
I mean, what did we think ex-CIA director Pompeo was doing over there? Figuring out how to make this disappear so we can continue to sell billions of dollars of weapons to a great, and respectable country.

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But where is the body.

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Should ask for the body for an independent autopsy.

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