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Why do some newspaper columnists (for eg.,) require you to have a facebook account?

Asked by flo (11325points) 3 months ago

That is, in order to read their content that has to do with their article?

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HUH? I don’t understand the Q.

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I have found several businesses that use their Facebook account exclusively, and do not have a regular website. If it’s free for businesses like it is for regular people, it would be a pretty good reason to use Facebook for their business. I don’t know if Facebook charges businesses, but if they do, it makes sense to only have one (a website or a Facebook account).

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How could a newspaper columnist require you to have a Facebook page? You buy the newspaper and you read their column. Thank it.

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I don’t really understand the question. Are you referring to online columnists or an actual newspaper columnist?

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@snowberry This is what led me to ask:
If you click on facebook logo above her article, you can’t just be in automatically. You get the sign in or create an account page.

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Are you talking about the Facebook logo on your toolbar? If you’re already logged in to Facebook it will just open it up. If you’re logged out of Facebook then you’ll have to log in.
When I click on it it simply sends me to my Facebook because I am already logged in.

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….plus the “Log in to use your Facebook account with The New York Times.”as @Zaku also gets.

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Just log in then, and use your Facebook account to read the articles.

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