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Do you know (or have you ever known) someone whose biography rates a page in Wikipedia?

Asked by Jeruba (47957points) 3 months ago

You have to actually be somebody to have your biography in Wikipedia.

I hear that Wikipedia’s editors are typically pretty quick to sniff out self-serving pages that someone is trying to mount for purposes of promotion.

So we’re talking about someone who’s not just mentioned in Wikipedia but has a whole biography page in Wikipedia. Do you know any such person personally?

For present purposes, let’s define “know personally” as knowing someone well enough that you could approach them—even in a crowd—and they would greet you by name.

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My brother-in-law has a Wikipedia page. Hubby and I also know many local and federal politicians and officials, each with his/her own page.

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My dad’s cousin was famous enough in the USNavy to have a full page Wikipedia bio, he was someone I knew well enough to spend time with.

I grew up in a pretty lofty socio-economic stratum, and have known a number of notables; unfortunately most of them are gone, now. They were peers of my parents, so I was better acquainted with their kids and dogs. :-)

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Yes, several. And I’ve even edited the pages for content and accuracy.

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There’s one guy close enough that he’ll pick up the phone if I call and he will respond to my texts. And one guy who I knew back in the day.

A fishing buddy has worked since college and law school as an environmental activist, in non-profit advocacy and the EPA.

He’s running for local office now and I’m doing my little small part on the campaign staff.

Also I used to work with the US Attorney’s Office, and the local federal prosecutor was a nodding acquaintance. He would not remember me now. But he was a really good guy who remembered names of everybody in office. We joked over coffee a few times.

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Yes, a close family member. He is one of the top scholars in his field.

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I have a friend who is a pro tennis player and she has a Wikipedia page.

A family friend of ours, a businessman, has appeared in the news before and has a Wikipedia page.

I can’t think of any others. Some day I will have one :)

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Yes, he’s a very close family member.

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John Lee Levitow One of few Congressional Medal of Honor from the USA Air Force.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Sgt. Levitow (then A1C), U.S. Air Force, distinguished himself by exceptional heroism while assigned as a loadmaster aboard an AC-47 aircraft flying a night mission in support of Long Binh Army post. Sgt. Levitow’s aircraft was struck by a hostile mortar round. The resulting explosion ripped a hole 2 feet in diameter through the wing and fragments made over 3,500 holes in the fuselage. All occupants of the cargo compartment were wounded and helplessly slammed against the floor and fuselage. The explosion tore an activated flare from the grasp of a crewmember who had been launching flares to provide illumination for Army ground troops engaged in combat. Sgt. Levitow, though stunned by the concussion of the blast and suffering from over 40 fragment wounds in the back and legs, staggered to his feet and turned to assist the man nearest to him who had been knocked down and was bleeding heavily. As he was moving his wounded comrade forward and away from the opened cargo compartment door, he saw the smoking flare ahead of him in the aisle. Realizing the danger involved and completely disregarding his own wounds, Sgt. Levitow started toward the burning flare. The aircraft was partially out of control and the flare was rolling wildly from side to side. Sgt. Levitow struggled forward despite the loss of blood from his many wounds and the partial loss of feeling in his right leg. Unable to grasp the rolling flare with his hands, he threw himself bodily upon the burning flare. Hugging the deadly device to his body, he dragged himself back to the rear of the aircraft and hurled the flare through the open cargo door. At that instant the flare separated and ignited in the air, but clear of the aircraft. Sgt. Levitow, by his selfless and heroic actions, saved the aircraft and its entire crew from certain death and destruction. Sgt. Levitow’s gallantry, his profound concern for his fellowmen, at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Air Force and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.“_

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I used to party with Gavin Smith in the late 70’s.

I last saw him in 1984. He was working as a stuntman then, but I think he broke his back when he did a scripted fall onto a faulty airbag. We had a falling out later that year, because I wouldn’t front him a lid.

In 2012 I heard that he was the subject of a missing person report. In 2013, I heard that he was having an affair with a married woman, before he was reported missing. That reminded me of an article I read stating that one way to greatly increase your odds of becoming a murder victim, was to have an affair with a married woman.

Several years before I read the aforementioned article, I had an affair with a married woman. Fortunately for both of us, she broke it off in time for me to learn from what I had read.

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Dr. Leonard Schlain, I knew him as “Uncle Lenny.” He was my father’s surgical partner when I was a kid. I even lived in his house for a while when I was a baby and my parents didn’t have their own place.

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Just one, but he is pretty famous. I knew him in high school, but I don’t think he’d remember me on sight. He didn’t the last time I saw him.
My dad should have a wiki page. He was pretty famous in the race car industry. I had never thought about trying to create a page for him.

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@Brian1946 you don’t know how grateful I am that you broke off :)

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I do now, and hopefully you know how nice it is to read what you just wrote. {{hugs}}

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No. The closest I can get is the casting director Howard Feuer , born Howard Feuerstein, who lived down the block from me when we were kids.

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Sherry Alberoni One of the Mousekeers starting 1956. She also did the “Brusha, brusha, brusha !Get the New Ipana – it’s dandy for your teeth!” Ipana toothpaste, before Bucky Beaver.

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Yes. He is an international basketball player who married my friend from college. The friend, “Ann”, and I have kept in touch over the years. We have gotten together when I was traveling in her area.

Three months ago, another opportunity arose where we could get together, so plans were made. About a week before the date, Ann contacted me to say that her husband was in a serious accident in another state, but to contact her closer to our arranged day.

On that arranged day, I contacted Ann. She said that he had been moved back to the hospital near their home and was in rehab. He was having an okay day, so stop by. I did.

There was little time to catch up between staff members popping in, phone calls, and one visitor that showed up unexpectedly. She was introduced to me as The Brownie Lady. This woman took a seat and started chatting away. Ann filled me in that the woman had coached both her daughters’ sports teams, and the friendship developed.

About an hour into this woman’s visit, Ann reached over and handed me her phone displaying a Wikipedia page on this other visitor. She had played her sport professionally and won an Olympic gold medal, amongst other prestigious awards.

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I don’t think so. The closest I could come is a riot that I was in in 1979 in Wichita. It has a Wikipedia page, which I edited for accuracy once.

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This question popped to mind suddenly yesterday; I’d never thought about it before, and suddenly I was curious.

I thought of three people right away, people who were noteworthy enough that Google returned a Wikipedia link. Then three more slowly came to mind, making me wonder if there might be others that I’d think of over time.

So—my six:

a folk/blues singer-songwriter
one of my former professors, also a distinguished poet (now deceased)
a director of a large organization (now deceased)
a best-selling author
a renowned physicist whose kids I used to babysit (now deceased)
my cousin, who’s the president of a college

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Oh, I forgot my friend the author! Thanks for reminding me.

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@Jeruba I think I’d rather be unremarkable than be known by you and in Wikipedia. It seems to be a recipe for death!

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I have no trouble maintaining my obscurity.

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Well, shucks. I thought I had one. My cousin who won the lottery. Got tons of hits on her, but no Wikipedia.

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@janbb, better look out. The mortality rate among people I know is 100%.

If those three were still alive, they’d be pretty damned ancient. I knew them when I was much younger. They were notable long before Wikipedia was born, but there was no dynamic global source of public information then.

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Oh! I also once had a private interview with Joseph Campbell who taught at my college. I’m sure he rates more than a page in Wikipedia.

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Oh! I know someone! Ed Trimmel! Well, I kinda know him. He’s from Winfield and he was a teacher at the High School for many years. My son had him.
Now he’s a state rep, and has been for several years. I’ve worked with him several times on community events. I think maybe he might even know my name!

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