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What is best for infants teething?

Asked by krlezon (6points) July 27th, 2007 from iPhone
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Put teething ring in freezer. Frozen teething ring makes swollen gums feel better. You can also give children's advil or whatever pain reliever you prefer.

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there are some concerns that plastic teething rings can leach toxins into your baby's body when they chew on them, because soft plastic often contains phlatates. A great solution is to freeze mini-bagels, and give your baby a frozen mini bagel to chew on. The cold soothes them, and there is no toxic risk.

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great idea about frozen mini bagel, occ.

Also clean washcloths that was wet and in the freezer is great too.

And we loved the oracel gel (spell?) can get over the counter that helped tons when teething was bad.

There is a product out there that we bought that can use frozen strawberries or bananas (for babies over six months of age, I just read) in the mesh bag, can't remember the name, but here is one that is similar

along with your tender loving care and hugs. It is a painful time for little ones.

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Be VERY careful about using food as a teether - the bagels can be teethed into small chunks that can choke the baby. The same with any food. The washcloth is probaby the best idea, IMO. We used the mesh bag, with frozen fruit in it, but choose wisely - you don't want a fruit that will irritate what is already uncomfortable.

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the teething rings do pose problems… but we had a lot of luck with frozen foods. (Be careful with frozen bagels, as another person said.) My favorite was celery – just cold, not frozen because then it goes limp. Clean carrots work as well – again, not frozen, and obviously the baby ones are difficult (the long ones). Our little one also liked to drink (water, from her sippy cup) when her gums were hurting.

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My little girl is teething now and those mesh bags work really well with ice cubes.

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