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If you were Ted Cruz, would you even want to be associating with Trump?

Asked by chyna (42357points) 2 months ago from iPhone

While running for President, Trump trashed Cruz, demeaned his wife, accused his father of criminal acts among many other things. What would make him so desperate as to look to Trump to stump for him? Would the job be worth the boot licking he has to do?

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I do not even want to imagine being Ted Cruz.

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Trump is basically just being a hype man for the other Rep candidates, as well as himself.

If Cruz is going to play the game, he has to go all the way, which means supporting Trump-to a degree, at least on the Rep ticket.

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I think Cruz should agree with Trump where he agrees, and the diverge away from him in what should appeal to the Evangelicals. Most of the Evangelicals I know personally voted for Cruz in the presidential primary.

Cruz, in my opinion, is pretty horrible though. Involving his children in that Christmas commercial against Hillary was a total DISGRACE and down at the level of any of the lowest of the low regarding a bad example for children. Also, regarding the wife thing, Trump was right, Cruz “started it” when he went after Melania. Not that I excuse Trump at all for going after Cruz’s wife, but if you’re going to hate Trump for going after a wife of a candidate, then you have to hate Cruz too.

Edit: in case you don’t know the ad I’m talking about, see the video here:

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I wouldn’t want to associate with either of them for any reason, and if they were sane people, they should want to clean up such abuse first, but they’re insane horrible people who don’t act rationally nor consistently, so who knows?

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They deserve each other.

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I’m with Loli on this one.

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Which one is the devil’s advocate?, Trump, or Cruz?

I can’t think of two worse people…

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Isn’t this proof that these people will say anything without meaning to further enrich each other?
These people are sociopaths and would easily lie and pretend to hate each other if they are all becoming million/billionaire.
The Clinton’s and Trumps are good friends and have been for a while. Look at how cozy the Bush’s and Obama’s are. It’s like Carlin said, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”
“Politics is the entertainment wing of the military industrial complex.”

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IF I was Ted, it would NOT be worth it to me!!! Obviously the real Ted is so desperate to keep his job that he’s willing to go low in order to keep his…Lindsey Graham is doing the same thing!!! Graham surprises me a bit because he’s always been considered a shoo-in no matter who’s running against him. Cruz doesn’t surprise me at all because he’s always been a low life politician at heart!!!

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Trump did indeed go all out against Cruz when they were campaigning against each other. Now Cruz can tap into the popularity that is associated with Trump (obviously not on these pages). Why not use him to help keep him in office?

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^Yeah. It’s really not uncommon for either the left,or the right, to fight each other like rats, then “come together,” to stay alive politically… These are just two especially disgusting rats…

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