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Do you think the USA will ever put Braille "bumps" on currency, so blind people can differentiate the various denominations?

Asked by JackAdams (6507points) August 21st, 2008

I think this is being done with the Danish Kroner, but I’m not certain. Its a good idea, even though over time, the “bumps” will flatten out, just due to the continue use of them, and the normal aging process of a bill.

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I think that instead of having a paper bill and the Braille bumps wearing out, they can apply plastic bumps on the bills, or just remake the bill into a plastic one, like many other countries. Plastic bills are much cleaner and are easier to maintain their shape (won’t tear, get wet.. etc)

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I think they’ll just start making the different bills different sizes like many other countries do.

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I don’t know if different sizes will ever be a reality, because of the fact that it might be difficult to design “bill acceptor” trays of different sizes, such as those that are used on slot machines in Atlantic City NJ, for example.

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They would be more likley just to make it illegal to be blind.

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Actually, a federal appeals court just recently ruled that US currency discriminates against the blind and those with limited sight. Though the ruling could be overturned on appeal, if upheld it will likely mean that the US will have to issue new currency that differentiates between denominations by either size or some other distinguishing characteristic that can be felt.

Here’s a link to a New York Times article about the ruling:

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@iJimmy: That’s an excellent answer, and probably more likely than not. LOL

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@Michael: I was unaware of that court ruling, and I’m grateful for you bringing it to my attention. Thank you!

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Hey, that’s a cool idea!

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It really wouldn’t be that difficult to put some form of texture in the bills, and I think its waaaay past time to do it. While I believe in trusting folks, why should someone have to ask to have bills identified so they can then fold them? It doesn’t have to be braille, just any texture.

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