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If you bought your Halloween candy already, have you opened any?

Asked by janbb (53787points) 2 months ago

What kinds? And – are you willing to share?

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Ummmm… of course. We are going “booing” tonight, and I have to go buy more candy, because I ate it all.

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I bought several bags and my husband his friends attacked it already. So no more for another week or two. Gluttons. Reese’s and Snickers mini’s.

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I’ve just let myself get into one bag of Starburst.

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I buy it and hide it until the 31st. But I don’t sample it because I make it a point to buy stuff I don’t like. I’m in enough trouble without raiding a bag of candy bars.

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I, uh, bought some bread and a bottle of honey. Does that count?

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My parents bought three bags of Junior Mints, which they’ve been giving out for the past few years. They said I can have what’s left over. But there’s not always any left over… :(

I have a big bag of Skittles in the kitchen. I’m supposed to bring it to work for Halloween but can’t guarantee I won’t open it earlier…

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@Jeruba That leads to another question. Do you buy candy you lie or candy you don’t like? I buy candy I like for the leftovers. I hide mine on top of the fridge tied in a bag but the Startburst ere calling out to me the other night.

@ragingloli Scarily, I think I’m falling in love with you. Do I have to grow tentacles instead of flippers now?

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I’m kind of the neighborhood Halloween Scrooge. The dog goes so berserk that I hide out, or go to a movie or something.
I can usually find a confection or two the day after to nosh on…

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Bought a bag of little chocolate bars a few weeks ago at a terrific sale price. Ate it. So much for the savings.

Then I got a big bag of Sweet Tarts, Laffy Taffy, Jawbreakers. Not so tempting. It’s unopened.

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@canidmajor Same. I usually last about an hour with the dogs…lol, they run this house, not me.

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Frodo was a challenge on Halloween for sure!

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I’ll take the fifth…

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@gorillapaws So you opened the Scotch too!

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Haven’t bought it yet. But I’ve gotten into everyone elses stash that they just leave in bowls on desks!

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I bought it too soon, and now I’m behaving like a heroin addict. The chocolate candies are all gone, and now I’ve started on the gummies.

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I plan to buy packs of funsize chocolates from the local supermarket in a week’s time. If last year is anything to go by I will eat most of it myself after Halloween.

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@Patty The sour candy corn is amazingly tasty!

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I haven’t bought mine yet. I can’t be trusted.
I gave out Smarties along with candy bars last year. A little girl said “Yuk, I hate Smarties,” but yet she put it in her bag. The little shit.

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I ate all the milk duds out of the bag.

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Normally, I don’t buy Halloween candy as I’ve only had ONE trick or treater since I moved into my home 20 years ago. I do usually buy individually wrapped candies that “I” enjoy…just in case some kid gets brave this year & rings my bell. That way, I can ENJOY eating the left over candy & don’t feel like I wasted my money on candy. Gives me a good excuse to cheat on my diet!!! ;)

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I’ll buy 1 small bag of small Almond Joys and 1 of small Snickers this Friday, October 26.

My plan is to eat 1 bar of each per night until the 31st.

The last few Halloweens I’ve only had about 2–4 ToT’ers per occasion, so if my willpower can keep a lid on the anticipatory urges of my taste buds, I should have enough for a few visitors, me, and perhaps even my manager friend at veSTATION.

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I still get a ton of small kids each year. There are a lot of young families in my neighborhood.

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Nah, but we have primed the staff to release the hounds only when the brats reach the front doors, let them see the whites of their eyes before pouncing on their entitled arses.

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I bought mine yesterday, 10/25. I haven’t opened it. Yet. I spent almost 30.00 on candy, but it’s fun to see the kids out in their costumes. My neighbor has a portable fire pit so we will be warm.

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I buy mine the day of.
But this time of year business have got candy set out all over the place. Yesterday I had me a tootsie roll at a school district office!

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