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Are some powerful countries truly going to war once all the world’s oil is almost gone?

Asked by mazingerz88 (21892points) 2 months ago from iPhone

As asked.

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We have quite a bit left and are moving to other resources. I don’t see that scenario in our future. We don’t actually have to wait for it to run out, war is fought over oil all the time

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What are you referring to by the word “truly”? Where are you getting that idea?

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Hasn’t that dead horse been beaten enough?? If some war occurs, it will be because of other reasons besides oil.
(Put 2 rats in a box and feed them. They will multiply. When the box becomes full of rats, they will kill each other. Oil never enters into it.)

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My Economics professor in grad school (1970’s) figured there was 150 years of oil/petroleum that could be relatively easily extracted (steam, fracking, oil shale etc.)

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I have little doubt. That doubt is further diminished as we see the kind of unhinged and ruthless leaders rising to power, both right now, and in the future, when times become more desperate, driving the people into the hands of extremists.
Today it is terrorism and xenophobia, tomorrow it will be access to the lifeblood of human civilisation.

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I found this item, I believe it was in THE WEEK magazine, but I can’t remember for sure.
“Oil reserves my run out about 2066.”

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If the great powers can move to other energy sources then oil will not be the hot commodity it is.

Countries being able to produce their own energy will be the ideal situation for the world. That’s not quite possible entirely, because even if you are using solar panels, the panels might be produced outside of your country.

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Solar panels work great for stationary objects, like houses, but don’t do much for commercial, transport vehicles, like trucks. Diesel fuel would be hard to replace and cannot be replaced by propane, butane, electricity, gasoline, alcohol, etc.

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^^Anything we do go reduce the oil consumption helps. Some muni bus systems are electric

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I don’t see really see how it actually behooves anyone to go to war when fossil fuel reserves are running low, or about to.

There will certainly be a lot of chaos if that happens before we have other ways to transport food and other supplies around, though.

Same for all the other looming disasters caused by over-industrialization of everything, such as running out of clean water, running out of food, running out of ecosystems that can support our form of life, etc.

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@Zaku There was an newspaper article in the paper the other day that you and others might be interested to read.
The date on my paper was Wed. Oct. 17, 2018

”‘Hyperalarming’ Research Shows Massive Insect Loss”
by Ben Guarino of the Washington Post.

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