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What are some things that shouldn't be forced upon people in the form of a law?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) 2 months ago

This is inspired by recent question by Loli. Are there any laws that you think exist in your country that you find are against basic rights of an individual?

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mandated Insurance
bike helmets
seat belts
not killing yourself
tax laws that require individual citizens to keep way more records than they should have to

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Solitary confinement. CTO’s. (community treatment orders.) Prison for non violent crime.

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Sexual orientation.

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Cannabis use
I too vote mandated insurance
Also another vote for suicide

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Law against marijuana use. I can’t think of a reason for keeping the use of alcohol legal but not weed.

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Cheating in a Casino.
Hacking slot machines.
Choice of clothing.
Assassinating extra-judicially executing politicians.

should not be illegal.

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^^Haha.. typical Loli..)

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Whistleblowing especially… though that’s the opposite of what this question is about (things that should not be forced, but are).

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If something was so bad you had to try to pass a law against it, and it was impossible to implement, you’d just have to kill the SOB, wouldn’t you??

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You mean like, illegally crossing borders? Shoot to kill?

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An excellent example!!

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Suicide and smoking on the beach. No; I dont smoke; it’s the principle of the thing.
Oh ; and yeah I guess the cannabis thing. If beer is legal then…..? I know it’s political.

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Bathroom gender restrictions

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@stanleybmanly Right on!

I get selected to jury selection every coulple of years. I’ve never been selected to be ona jury. Why? Mostly because I think that in certain situations, logic and unique situations should trump the written law. Also in personal injury cases I immediately get thanked and dismissed because of my health care experience.

It is such a diabolical waste of time for me.

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Supposed to be a jury of one’s peers. They need a way to do that, esp. since no one likes to volunteer for it.

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