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Do you think there would be a lot of backlash if another film adaptation of The Godfather was made?

Asked by rockfan (12925points) October 24th, 2018 from iPhone

If it were to happen, it technically wouldn’t be a remake, just another adaptation. Some of the best classic films have been remakes. So personally, I’d be all for it, but only if they hired talented people behind the camera. I’d love to see Denis Villenueve (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) write and direct. What do you think?

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Backlash from whom?

Film purists would say “no imitation can possibly be as good as the original” – they’re probably right, but they always say that. The original Godfather was a classic.

The Mafia might say “you are depicting us unfairly” – but I would say “tough shit”.

I wouldn’t see the new one, if it were made, but if some producer wants to waste $200 million on a failure, who am I to say no?

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I would love it, especially if it was well made, and all the men were handsome and didn’t have to fake an accent. Enough of these Americanized films, I want the full Italian experience in a remake please!

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200 million? No way. At most it would cost 40–60 million. First Man cost 50 million and that had a lot of visually difficult scenes to pull off

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@rockfan – OK, 60 million, that’s simply a matter of scale. Wasting $60 million is nothing to be proud of.

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If they get great talent to make the movie, then it certainly wouldn’t be wasting it. Granted, it would still be a risk, but a risk worth taking in my opinion.

Also, I recently saw A Star is Born, and it’s the 4th time the story has been told – but I thought it was incredible.

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These days not enough people would care to make any backlash matter.

If all great classic movies get new adaptations it wouldn’t shake the film industry a bit.

There are films I want new adaptations done. Lord of the Rings, Dracula….couldn’t care less about The Godfather.

I would just keep revisiting Coppola’s work because Brando, De Niro, Pacino etc. And there’s only one Coppola.

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I think some Italians would be annoyed. Maybe even some people who aren’t Italian who hate any type of stereotyping.

The Italian mafia is still around I guess, but other mafias seem to be more active. I’m not sure there would be the same interest this time as there was last time.

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Let’s be honest; they would fuck it up.

Some films shouldn’t be remade imo: e.g. Schindler’s List, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Space Odyssey 2001, E.T., Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…

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Not to poop on the idea, but it seems like you’re asking for opinions, so here’s mine:

How about they make some original movies? Good original movies. They have millions to spend – why aren’t they buying some good original screenplays?

The Godfather is not a great film because it’s screenplay is uniquely wonderful. It is good, but it has a great performance already. I would much prefer they take some other good screenplay and make a good movie, or several.

I also don’t really want to see another version of the same film.

Maybe original ideas, even. I think I may have also seen enough romanticized gangsters for a long time.

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Yes, justifiably so.
Because more often than not, studios are just after a quick cash grab, based on a property with existing name recognition, which reduces marketing costs, resulting in just another piece of shit remake.

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I respect everyone’s opinion, but I think you guys are a little pessimistic lol. Obviously there’s a chance that they could screw it up like they did with that awful remake of Ben-Hur, but I don’t understand why you’d still be pessimistic if they get a talanted director.

Also, more original movies with interesting screenplays are being made than ever before. Also, some of the best original movies this year are based on novels.

And again, another Godfather film wouldn’t be a remake.

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Shane Black is a talented director, and he still fucked up the Predator remake.

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Predator was never that good of a series anyway.

And he also screwed up Iron Man 2. His movies are best when there’s no studio interference

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The first one was a masterpiece.

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Leave it alone, could only go tits up.
Worst examples being Get Carter & The Italian Job

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Eh I thought the first Predator was extremely dull. And the script was just plain bad. Far from a masterpiece in my opinion

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Well, “extremely dull” is what I think, when I think of the original Blade Runner, or 2001.

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Uh, kids…the first Predator is not dull and the first Bladerunner and 2001 aren’t either. Jeez!

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Yes, a remake would receive a great deal of backlash, not to mention poor reviews. There are a great deal of film fanatics that consider “The Godfather” one of the greatest movies ever made.

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Why would it get poor reviews if the studios tried to make the best movie possible? Critics review the movies on its own merits, they wouldn’t give it a negative review simply because it’s an adaptation of the same book. A Star Is Born got rave reviews this year by the way.

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