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Can you please help me with some words?

Asked by Magical_Muggle (2163points) October 28th, 2018

Hello! So, I need help with some words.
I’m writing at the moment and need some verbs.
This is sort of a request in two parts…
Part A: I need a verb that best describes that reaction of “noooooo” but in a shocked and appreciative way, you know that noise you make when you can’t believe something, but love it at the same time? I need a word for that
Part B: I want all of your amazing and interesting words to expand my vocab and make my writing better! I know you jellies have some amazing words to share and I’d love to hear every one of them!
Thank you so much!

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I don’t have enough (awake) brain cells at 4:05AM to be of much help. But wanted to say that I love your user name!

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@rebbel ooooohhh that’s good! Thank you!

and @raum thank you! (I also eagerly await a non 4am brain cell answer XD

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@cookieman oh yes! another great one! Thank you!

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Astonished! Horrified!

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Like,“No way!! Really?!”

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But for now…
“Holy shit!”
“Shit the bed!”

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No!!! Not the bed @kritiper!

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“Elated disbelief.” ?

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respectfully appalled

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But…she’s shocked and happy. That was my take on it.

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I mean, many options for this but best one clearly would be thunderstruck
Perfectly describes the reaction/feeling while at the same time being just a fantastic word by itself.
Those who didn’t think of it, don’t feel bad, i’m a genius, you should accept your mediocrity with good grace :D

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Hard to top gobsmacked.
Such a fun word—and seems appropriate for a Potter fan. :D

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