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How is it possible that Jack Daniels whiskey is distilled in Lynchburg TN, in a county (Moore) that is legally “dry?” And why do the distillers continue to claim that the Lynchburg population is “361,” when the 2000 census showed the town to have 5,740 people?

Asked by JackAdams (6536points) August 21st, 2008

I have always wondered how whiskey can be made in a county where it is illegal to purchase it, and why haven’t the folks at Jack Daniels used their influence to get the county to become a “wet” county? It seems to me that the officials there, would do everything possible to please their most famous business and single largest attraction.

I know that in Anaheim CA, for example, the folks at Disneyland can get anything they want, from either Anaheim or Orange County, because neither entity would want to see the Disney folks leave.

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I assume because many of the townspeople work at the company, but don’t want to use the product. As in, can you imagine working at a whiskey company and NOT getting drunk off your ass every night?

Also, I bet they say the town is smaller so it seems like a homegrown sort of place. Just for marketing appeal.

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They might just have been counting their own staff.

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KY is “wet” and “dry” county by county…..I assume you know that as you specifically mention the county…

Also, similar…...In OH fireworks are produced and purchased but it is illegal to set them off in the state. I guess OH wants to see everyone else blow themselves up but not their own citizens…?

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first of all let me just say how hilarious it is that we STILL have “dry counties” in the US… i found this out about a year ago, and it still amazes me!

second the “dry” laws are specific to the SELLING of alcohol. so you cannot see it, but you can drink it! haha, again hilarious.

according to wikipedia “A special state law allows the distillery to sell small, commemorative bottles of Jack Daniel’s whiskey to tourists, but not on Sundays.”

once again hilarious. you are like “can i have 17 coooooommmmmemorative bottles please.”

p.s. jack is yuky!

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We just say we’re shooting our fireworks off in Ann Arbor.

Go Bucks!

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oopps, i wrote “you cannot ‘see’ it, i meant “sell” it of course

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Uh….trumi….are you sure you mean IN Ann Arbor? Don’t you mean AT ?

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You’re right, good point. At Ann Arbor.

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@Snoopy: Didn’t you mean TN is “wet” and “dry,” county by county?

Jack Daniels is made in Tennessee, not Kentucky.

In KY, they make a drink called, “Moonshine,” which can sometimes be used as truck fuel.

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Ooops you are correct> I did mean TN. However, KY is the same way.

moonshine, I am certain has multiple uses….accelerant, disinfectant, etc.

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If they’re willing to offer some free samples, I’m willing to look the other way about this discrepency…

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very generous of you, loser

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