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Americans: Are you voting straight ticket this election?

Asked by JLeslie (65186points) October 29th, 2018 from iPhone

I know a lot of people who won’t even consider voting for someone from the “other party” this time around, when previously they have.

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I live in a “moderate” district. The only incumbent Republican is our Assembly representative. I will vote for her only because this will be her last term, so I don’t have to worry about her being ensconced in office forever.

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Certainly not. I have never been a partisan.

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There’s only one person on my ballot this year, so I guess so.

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I went in to vote early and I ended up having an allergic reaction to the perfume the voting registrar was wearing. I had an asthma attack, and I was panicking. Fortunately for me it was the handicap voting booth and so another registrar picked the whole thing up and took it out into a large well ventilated room. That was great, but by that time my brain was so foggy I could barely function, and all I wanted to do was leave. I ended up voting straight ticket because I couldn’t see, let alone think. This was in front of all those people lined up to vote. It was embarrassing.

I’m so sick of people who insist on drenching themselves in fragrance when they go out in public!

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How could someone who is not a multi-millionaire, xenophobic, misogynist, racist, asshole who wants to destroy the planet could even consider voting for someone with an “R” next to her/his name?

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Generally yes, but we do have a good state representative in my area who is republican, and I voted for her.

For the important spots (governor, congress, and so on) – all democrats. The republican party in Georgia is so out of touch with reality.

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On a local level I vote for the person, not the party.

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@elbanditoroso I’m keeping track of the Georgia race because of how they dumped so many voters. It will be interesting to watch. Locally I vote for the person, not the ticket because I mostly know what they stand for.

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Theres at least one sane Democrat I’ll vote for.

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Kind of hard not to vote for only Dems, of which I am not, this time around. The majority of state positions are between 2 Democrats. Plus, there has never been a California Republican worth voting for.

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I generally vote the Democratic ticket. Just one button to press. I will definitely be doing that this year.

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Pretty much on the big ticket persons which one Representative and one Senator. The rest are city council and school board. It never list if they align themselves with any party, so I have to read the issues. As for Senator and Representatives, One is a republican incumbent who has sided consistently with her party and against what she has promised. It helps she isn’t in my party choice so there goes that. The other has Two lame choices and another person who is about being pro Trump and supporting all his crazy rants. So I have no choice to pick lame on the other side. But I will go with the lame I know because this person may not be very strong but he is of good moral character.

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Well… I’m not voting for any candidates who seem to be bad for environmental protection, or who support Trump, so… let me know if there are any Republicans who might pass my criteria…

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My vote means little since I live in California in a blue district. I will reregister as a Republican in the presidential election so I can vote for whichever Republican candidate has the best chance of beating Trump. Then I will vote against him or her in the general election.

I often vote against people because I don’t like them. For example, I voted against Feinstein in favor of the more progressive DeLeon because of her incompetent handling of the Kavanaugh hearings (despite the fact that my own political leanings are more Feinstein-leaning rather than DeLeon. And I refused to vote for governor because the Republican is a Trump supporter and I can’t stand Gavin Newsom for reasons too many to list.

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I’m doing research into all the candidates to see which ones I agree with and which ones I think will do the best job for me. Those are the ones I will be voting for.

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I’m in Tennessee, it’s going to be all red down the line regardless of how I vote. Some republicans I support and others not so much. Neither party has ever really fallen in line with my interests being a center leaning conservative.

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I always throw every vote I can to Working Families, rather than straight ticket. Also, sometimes you don’t get a choice for every office,

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@seawulf575 – honestly you do? Every candidate for every office? Do you feel you’re actually getting a good read, if you just discount endorsement? I find it hard when all my research on the coroner’s race finds is that they are both qualified, and they have the support of so and so. I guess I could track down their friends and family on Facebook too, but I’m sure I’d only get a simplified and idealized version of who that person is. So yes, I do fall back on party endorsement on occasion, or rather on the stereotypes I infer due to party endorsement. To do it honestly and otherwise sounds exhausting.

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@seawulf575 No shame in my game, I admit, the possibility of me ever voting Dem again is slim. Not sure a straight Rep ticket, but it will never be a straight Dem ticket, ever again.

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Changing my answer above. Since it seems to be a close race I’m going to stick with the Democrats and vote for my preferred candidate, but I will support any Democratic nominee against Trump. And this year I’m voting straight ticket. I think that every Republican from President down to Dog Catcher should be voted out of office for bending the knee to the tyrant. (And I am also a conservative centrist).

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I feel the same.

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