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Can we revisit tattoos?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) August 21st, 2008

Daloon’s avatar motivated this question. What tattoos do you have? Do you like them? Would you like to have any removed?

I have the word “Fides” (faith in Latin) tattooed on the outside of one ankle and a bird designed by a friend on the other.

This question was asked in April, but I’m asking partially as a subtle way to try to find out whether that is Daloon’s backside or a random picture.

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Daloon’s avatar is a buttcheek…...

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@crunch, it appears to be a heavily tattooed buttocks.

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I have a black and red X on my left wrist, underside.

I have some tribal thing that I hate on my left forearm, underside. First tattoo, 17 and stupid.

I have my artist’s signature skull on my left ankle.

I have the NYC skyline with the towers during sunset and there’s a rope circle with big flowers around it and a banner that says “REMEMBER” in red white and blue letters with 9.11.01 underneath on my right leg, under the knee on the outside.

I have a heart with the British flag wrapped in thorns dripping blood that spells “Pride” on my right ankle. That was a coverup of a homemade tattoo of an ex’s first initial. 15 and stupid.

I have a giant fairy sitting on the moon on my right leg under the knee.

I have kanji for “love” over my heart. My ex has the kanji for “eternal” to match in the same spot. Thank goodness I was smart enough to get the half that stands well on its own.

I have my cat Bandit on my left shoulder with the words “See You At The Bridge” and her birthdate and death date. I have my dog Fluffy on my right shoulder with the words “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and her dates. These are in reference to the Rainbow Bridge(pets)

I have my name in graffiti in the middle of my back between the other two.

I have a light pink star, no outline, on the right side of my neck below and behind my ear.

I have an old English “J” that fades from baby blue to white on the left side of my neck below and behind my ear.

I have a red shooting star on the top of my right foot with purple trails that go around the side of my foot under my ankle.

I have an appointment on October 30 for the Tom Petty logo (without the banners on the sides) and the words “Same Sad Echo When You Lie”

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I don’t have any, but my mom has a tattoo on her ankle, and my grandma has small tattoo on her back…...and a couple on her face.

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I have one and still like it (15 years out). I’ve considered another, but since I haven’t settled on exactly what I want, I’ve put it off.

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I love tattoos with a story. I got my first one a couple of months ago and love it! Although I’ve found I forget I have it from time to time – it’s not in a highly visible spot – at least not for me!

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@wildflower: The only one of mine that doesn’t have a story is the one I hate/regret :)

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Right now I have 3. Wanting some more but have no money right now….grrrrr
On my left arm I have a cross, dove with flames, and YHWH written in Hebrew on my wrist. YHWH is a sacred name for God.

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No tattoos, and can’t imagine doing by choice something so permanent to my body.

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I have 8. I don’t regret any of them.

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my bee Kinda blurry, took it from my phone.

In memory of my grandma Bee. Its small yet means a lot to me!

Next month I am getting (on my left, upper back) an origami crane with waves and cherry blossoms. I can’t wait!

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I’ve got Marvin The Martian on my ankle. I’d like another tatt, I just don’t know what or where I’ll put it yet.

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i have the jedi alliance symbol above my right ankle.(my icon)
and the four element symbols from avatar the last airbender on the inside of my left forearm. ;)
both are black ink. jedi cost like 80 and avatar cost about 200.

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Now I understand the jedi question you asked a few weeks ago! That’s cool…

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@poof: When I read the title to this question, I thought to myself, “Yuck, I’d never get a tattoo.” Then I read your answer, and I’m really starting to visualize some subdermal homage to Tom Petty..

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@Lefteh, I didn’t get my first tattoo until I was 41, up until then I was positive I would NEVER have one. Now I have two and I love them both, because they are both original and have special meaning for me.

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@Supermouse: know exactly what you mean. Although I wanted to get a tattoo since I was about 14, but never found the one until recently.

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I have the word queer tattooed in bold courier new capital letters between my shoulder blades. It is about five inches long. Whenever I see it I can’t help but grin. I think about possibly regretting it but my worries drift away every time that grin sweeps across my face.

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@lefteh: Seriously? Or sarcastic?

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Tom Petty is my man.

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