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Is there any way to rent after eviction?

Asked by Dannyfanpooch (70points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I’m more than likely going to leave my current apartment, I plan to pay them the money I owe to break the lease but I cannot pay in time and they’ve started the eviction process, long story short; I can no longer afford the rent there due to unforeseen circumstances and need to find somewhere more economical for myself. I’ll be staying with a family member for a month or 2 to save up for first/last/deposit but is it even possible to find somewhere that will accept me?

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Not if they do a credit check.

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Really depends on the new landlord.

Some (bigger companies) will run a check on you and, as @Tropical_Willie said, you’ll come back as a bad risk. So either they won’t rent to you, or they will want extra security deposit, or higher rent.

You may have better luck trying to rent from smaller companies or from people (not companies) that own properties as a sideline. They are less likely to run credit checks and have the bureaucratic stuff that the bigger ones do.

Look at it from the landlord’s point of view: you’re a guy who skipped out on a lease and can’t be trusted to pay what is owed. Why should he trust you?

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I help a friend with rental apartments, and we would ask for a co-signer on the lease. Somebody not living there, but they will agree to be as liable for the rent as the renter.

Typically it’s been a parent co-signing for their kid who is a student with little income, or like your case, someone who isn’t a good risk alone but has a friend or relative who will back them.

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Go to the bank and get an overdraft protection ( they will set the limit) and you can pay right away before courts get involved. Most banks will not let you get in trouble credit wise..even credit card company will upgrade your limit in an emergency..ask as it doesn’t hurt and you may be surprised. ( especially if you are honest in presenting the problem).
Good Luck.

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Sure it’s possible, since not everyone does a credit check, and I don’t think a credit check shows evictions per se – it will only show debt issues, though it might end up being clear on a report that it’s related. And, as @Call_Me_Jay mentioned, some will let you rent if you have a co-signer.

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Thanks so much everyone

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