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How to name a photography business?

Asked by StarStuff87 (10points) 2 months ago

I’m interested in starting a photography business, but stuck on a name. The most common advice I’ve seen is to use your real name. I’d love to, but it’s long (8+ letters in each first, middle, & last) and hard to spell/is an uncommon spelling. My initials don’t seem to.. roll off the tongue either, I guess.

I plan on doing everything from weddings to newborn photography to family photos and so on, so I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into one niche with a name. I also don’t want something extremely cliche or common, as I know business names should be memorable.

Any ideas on how to go about picking a name?

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Don’t get in a hurry about it. Ask your friends and neighbors to think of names, then mull it over.
My idea? “Flash Point Photography.”

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“Phil Inaymere”

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Use an impact word followed by “Photography” for example:

Hallmark Photography

Signature Photography

Empire Photography

Don’t use your name for a company name, it makes it difficult if you sell the company.

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How about ‘Picture Perfect’

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8 letters might work, as long as you can make a web address that’s easy enough to remember. That’s now maybe better than a business card.

I used to work in retail, selling to professional photographers and studios. Pretty much everybody used their name, except for some large studios that did commercial advertising and magazine work.

Looking at Google maps today for portrait and wedding photography in my area, that’s still true. Most of the exceptions are places where they specialize and put that in the name – wedding, headshots, pets, etc.

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Snap Happy.
We are not happy unless you are.

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Keepsake Photos
Picture This
A Thousand Words

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The Shooting Gallery
frame your loved ones.

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Use a shortened version of your name, or a near equivalent in the language of whatever country you’re in. For example, if your name is Sundeep, call it Sunny Photography.

The name doesn’t have to be “catchy” like a story title or product name. People don’t choose a photographer the way they watch a video or pick out a snack. It should indicate the type of business and have something memorable about it.

I would definitely avoid names based on puns or plays on words. They make no sense to people who don’t get the reference, and they’re far too common. Let your distinction be in your work and reputation, not in your ability to come up with a clever name.

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Something quirky…Shutter Island
Something simple…Aperture

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For example, if your name is Sundeep, call it Sunny Photography.

That makes me think – it’s an opportunity to give yourself a nickname. I knew a guy with a name difficult for Americans to spell and pronounce. He opened a business called “Dean’s” because he was a James Dean fan. To everybody but family and old friends, he became Dean.

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Precious Moments /
Smile Photo Shop

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I know it’s not what you’re looking for..but here’s link
to some very beautiful pics taken across the world. See if you can draw some inspiration looking at them (and a treat for others to watch!!).

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I would consider using keywords in the name to improve searchability. What kind of photography? Will you focus on the local market? Or are you looking to do work nationally? If local/regional, I’d add that to your name.

E.g. “Atlanta Wedding Photography inc.”

That should help a lot with Google searches.

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“I Get The Picture”

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A friend of mine was in a similar dilemma except she was opening a jewelry store. Took her forever to come up with a name. She finally chose “Just For You”. I can see that working for a photography studio as well especially since you don’t want to specialize on just one aspect of the business. Then later on IF you decide to narrow your services down to one specialty, the name could remain the same!!!

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I used my name because it did flow nicely I thought. Lindsey Lee Photography. But as someone suggested above, maybe shorten it. Or abbreviate? Use initials? Take your time with it. Eventually something will come to you and it’ll just click.

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I don’t think 8 letters is too long if you just use one of your names. My name is 8 letters and I don’t feel it’s too long, but my whole name first and last is long. My last name also is difficult to spell so I wouldn’t use it, but I have often thought of using the first three letters as part of a business name. Is your first name difficult to spell?

Famous photographers are known by their name, not a company name. That might be something to think about.

Other suggestions:
Everything Photo
Memory Maker
Elite Photography
Pin-it Photography
Frame it Photography

What state are you in?
Tropic Photography, Dessert Photography, 4 Seasons Photography, Sunshine Photography…

All Occasions Photography

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Eye to the Future Photography.
Or if you are going to shorten your name use LinLee Photografee.

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