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Do you thank your digital slave?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24751points) 2 months ago

Google Home, Alexa, whatever ..

When you give the device a command and it complies, do you say “thank you”?

I have my Google Home to turn out some lamps when I say “OK Google, turn off living room lights” – and recently I have caught myself saying thanks to GH when the lights go out (just like I would if a human turned off the lights).

Am I the only one? Am I crazy?

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Yes. When the robot overlords take power, I’m hoping that they note how polite and pleasant I was.

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No, I don’t thank Alexa. But I do say please.

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Yes. I often catch myself and laugh, but I can’t help being polite. It’s how I was raised.

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I do not talk to my devices. Every time I try, I feel like a cock.

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Ain’t got one, ever what that is…

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I have no such devices, but I have a service I call frequently which is fully automated, and I sometimes thank “him”. It confuses the darn thing and starts over on the menu.

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