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Have you ever taken a "funny turn".

Asked by flutherother (28958points) 2 months ago

A moment of dizziness, unsteadiness on your feet or a faint. What were the circumstances, how did you feel at the time and what, if anything, did you do about it?

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I think only in the UK people call it a “funny turn.” In the USA, it’s “Goddam, I felt sick!” Whatever you call it, I have had that a few times. One time, I nearly fainted after giving blood. Another time, I felt dizzy when seeing my Dad right after his bypass operation. And I’ve had labyrinthitus a few times; terrible dizziness that started with a “funny turn.”

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I get dizzy spells on a daily basis. Part of a long list of symptoms.

The one time I passed out cold was right after blood donation.
I was entering a diner from an alley entrance, brick cobbled. I had a vague sense of surprise that I saw bricks coming toward my face, didn’t have any sensation of falling at all. The bricks seemed to be moving towards me. A really hard slam on the forehead told me what happened just before everything went black. When I came around, one of the diner cooks was handing me a huge carton of crinkle cut fried potatoes. He insisted I eat enough of them to feel strong before attempting to come in to dine.
It was the one time I didn’t have a Mountain Dew big gulp right after donating. Usually the sugar rush was enough to get me going from here to there. That time I headed right for the prize winning Awful Awful burger.

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On last Friday I passed out and hurt my tailbone back and neck. I didn’t know that I passed out until five seconds. I wear pressure socks now. Will see if it raises my low blood pressure.

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All the time!

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No one under 60 in the UK has used that term & even those older last said it in 1976.

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True, it is an old-fashioned term.

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I’ve heard the likes of all of a quiver” & people will often state they stood up too quick.

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I get dizzy and feel faint on a regular basis from standing up, taking a shower or even just titling my head too quickly. I’ve only actually fainted a couple of times, both pain-related. The first time, I was already in a hospital when it happened, so no action necessary!

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I don’t have a history of fainting or feeling faint but a few weeks ago after taking a walk by the canal I sat down and suddenly felt I was going to pass out though fortunately I didn’t. I put the blame on not wearing a hat and letting my head get chilled by the wind and wondered if anyone else had a similar experience. I thought it odd as usually you feel faint after standing up too suddenly rather than sitting down and usually warm stuffy air is the cause rather than wind and cold.

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If that happens again, I’d definitely check in with your doctor. Better safe than sorry!

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Good advice! I did see my doctor who gave me the all clear. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

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