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We have all read that most food is bad for you. What food then is good for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13487points) 2 months ago

Can you please show me a list of healthy foods other than fruits and vegetables?

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Foods that are not processed are going to be “healthier for you” than processed foods. If you want to follow a rule of thumb, in general, just shop the perimeter of a grocery store and avoid anything in a package (such as skillet dinners, canned soup, etc).

Learning to read the ingredients list. The fewer the ingredients the healthier it usually will be. In general you will also save money. There are a lot of websites that will teach you how to do this.

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I have to agree with @snowberry on this one. The closer you can get something to its original state, the healthier it is. Processed foods are the bane of humanity.

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Baby food, probably.

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whole grain bread
whole grain cereal
whole grain rice
nuts and seeds in moderation
Not all canned foods are bad. You can have canned beans and canned salmon.
grilled chicken

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Organic meat sounds like a good bet.

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Food that makes you happy, if you want to look at it that way.
Insecticide free vegetables, eggs, fat free milk, whole grains.

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Locally grown meat, fruit and vegetables.

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_We have all read that most food is bad for you. _

I disagree with your premise, real natural foods are not bad for you, in moderation. No processed foods. But that means no ramen, no beef jerky.

As a general guideline, all the things on the outside aisles of a grocery store are good for you, meat, produce, dairy; anything on the shelves in the middle are not good for you: sodas, crackers, cookies, manufactured cereals

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@zenvelo My Dr. Told me not to cut salt out of my diet. He told me to eat ramen. So to raise my blood pressure , and too keep me from fainting.

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All food is good in moderation. Just use your head. If you eat Halloween candy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for one week, you are not using your head.

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Minimally processed, pesticide free foods. These include mostly plant based foods, low fat dairy products, grass fed, hormone free, free-range fish (only some types, due to mercury levels in some fish) and meat/fowl.

Here is a list of the 100 healthiest foods, that are readily available, and reasonably priced:

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I just shared a post from a friend who posted it 3 years ago. For breakfast she gave her grandson Rice Crispies. Instead of milk, she put in a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. Then she added a couple of Reeces mini peanut butter cups. Also, some gummy worms.
That breakfast is just as healthy as any other breakfast. You have your carbs, your protien in the peanut butter, and…well you don’t NEED sugar which is all that the gummy worms provide, but it won’t hurt him either.
Stellar gramma, IMO!

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Lots of calories from sugar and fat. None of the good stuff found in fruit and vegetables.

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Unfortunately, that IS where most kids get their calories today. Worse, they don’t burn it off, either, @LostInParadise.

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