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Should USA intervene in this matter (details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) 2 months ago

As per This News husband of freed Pakistani christian woman has urged for refuge citing danger to their lives to UK, USA and Canada as well. Apparently this case has already caused deaths of couple of high level authorities by extremists so the fear for life isn’t baseless. Do you think anything can be done in this matter?

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Assuming the facts in the article are correct absolutely.

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It’ll happen only if our esteemed leader sees a political or personal advantage in it.

Assuming he even knows about it. Is some unhappy guy in Pakistan likely to make his top-three list anytime soon?

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@Jeruba If it gets him a few more Christian voters he will.

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US intervention? That always helps!

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I think there is a good chance of it. However, with other countries also considering their plea, we may see them end up somewhere else without knowing for certain if the US would have been an option.

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IT would be best if the family could get to the US. They can apply for Refuge at the American consulate, but that doesn’t help them get out of the country. The State Dept can step in to ask the Pakistan government to allow them to leave, but it sounds like there is a large contingent that wants her dead, so the government may be reluctant to oblige us. If they can get to the US they can apply for asylum and would likely get it. They are in an untenable position. I pray they are shown a way to safety.

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Let’s be honest if they turned up in the US currently and asked for asylum they probably end up in a concentration camp before being shipped back. At least that’s what most refugees curently seeking asylum in the US experience.

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I would say that, sadly, the odds are better for them getting into the Canada or Britain (in that order) than to find safety in the US with the present animosity toward refugees. Although, she does have that Christian thing going for her.

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@Lightlyseared but let’s be honest. Being put into a detention center here while awaiting asylum would be FAR better than where they are at.

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^You must have missed the “shipped back” part..That would be bad….

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@MrGrimm888 I guess I did miss that part and yes, it would be bad. I didn’t like it when Obama did that to ME Christians, I wouldn’t give Trump a pass.

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