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What is a good health website?

Asked by rebbel (28124points) 2 months ago

I’m looking for a clear, trustworthy, unbiased, objective website on health (issues), and nutrition.
Can you provide me one?

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Mayo Clinic?
Part of me feels like this might be a trick question.

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@raum You got me; I tried to trick you all to give me a name of a website about health and nutrition, by using these words and put them in the form of a question.

But no, no tricks.
I just trust the Fluther people to come up with what I need.

By the way, what kind of trick were you thinking of?

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@rebbel Something along the lines of no site is really unbiased and objective.

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@raum Gotcha.
With unbiased I meant to say “not related and/or sponsored by, for example, a pharmacy company.

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Thanks, Jellies!
Plenty material to go through.

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