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Why Fluther when you can Google/Wiki?

Asked by alive (2933points) August 21st, 2008

Why do YOU Fluther!?

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Fluther is for questions, primarily, that cannot be answered through simple googling.

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Fluther is for the lulz.

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fluther is more personalized question & answer site.

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Because intelligent people discussing complex or subjective questions is interesting.

If you can easily look it up in Google or Wikipedia, it is a poor question for Fluther.

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Yeah…...but do those sites have Gail???

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Fluther makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That may also be the rum….

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it fun to discuss things with other people and hear their opinions and when all the talk is done then you might be able piece a together an answer. :)

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@trumi actually, it’s the Python.

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people interaction is best and I will always ask a person before online. I like people.

And if Google has johnpowell or gail I would use it more.

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i’m a social person.

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Wiki and the Web don’t have everything. Even for things you can look up, you’ll often get too much information to sift through, and you won’t get personal experience. I’ve looked up everything there is about treatment options for my BPH, but I still want to know how real people who’ve been through them have dealt with the side effects.

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it’s much more interesting to hear and maybe learn from people who know.

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Let’s make a list shall we?

1.) It’s fun!
2.) You can get the opinion of human beings.
3.) With so many different opinions you can get a better result from your questions.
4.) It’s just simply, easier.
5.) Back to number one, you can ask things here that you could never find on Google or Wikipedia. =)

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There’s nothing like personal support

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that’s true and everyone is mostly friendly.

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Fluther is for questions not easily answered by Web searches. Fluther is for the wisdom, advice, and expertise of the collective. Fluther is for the warmth and the lurve of fellow Flutherers. Fluther is for that Flutherian touch.

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thank you my good man (Victorian accent)

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Fluther is most definitely not an adequate place for the lulz.

Like-minded people gather in the same place.

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The answers or more personal and the explainations are more detailed. If you don’t get an understandable answer you can ask them to me more specific or expand on one step in the process.

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Fluther is the best site to have your topic researched in-depth. If you can’t find it, rest assured we will, or we will die trying in throes of OCD agony.

However, if we find that you could have googled it just as easily, prepare to be set straight forthwith. It’s a small price to pay.

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