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Is it OK to walk on a composition shingle roof?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9218points) 2 months ago

(Assuming everything is structurally sound,)
Will it harm the roof?

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Wear soft soled shoes like sneakers and wait until the roof is cool to the touch, like early morning.

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It’s fine. Lots of the stuff gets scraped off as you walk on it, which can lead you to think you’re damaging them, but you aren’t. I was a roofer when I was 18. It was the hardest job I ever had…

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I have done some roofing also.
That stuff can scatter under your feet and dislodge your balance. Go slow, knees low. If you crouch as you walk, it is easier to stop a slip before finding the edge.

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It’s safe. It won’t harm the roof. As @kritiper suggested, if you can, do it in the early morning before the sun has heated it up a lot.
While you’re up there take the time to clean out your gutters.
I go up on my roof all the time to: attach lights, adjust the antennas, clean gutters, change seasonal lights, reaim the cameras, check and clean the chimney covers and screens, remove ice…. and enjoy the nice view of the neighborhood!

@MrGrimm888 Those packs of shingles weigh 1–2 million pounds. i don’t know how those guys do it!

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^If I recall correctly, each bail/single bag weighed 80 lbs. Architect shingles weighed more. I spent many days carrying two bails up the ladder and throwing them on the roof. When I started, I didn’t know how to roof, so I always had to carry the shingles. Also, I was/am big. So I couldn’t walk on some of the older roofs. Yep. Carrying 160 lbs up a ladder in 100° heat all day, will put some hair on your chest.

We had a 60 ft ladder that was missing pieces. It had a 275 lb weight limit. I weighed about 230 at the time. So. When I carried up two bails at a time, it acted like it was going to break. I had countless nightmares about it.
My old boss was far more concerned about speed than safety. Until he actually fell from a ladder, and broke his pelvis, hip, and ribs. After that, he changed his thinking about safety.

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OK, thanks, jellies.

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