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How are you feeling?

Asked by Patty_Melt (12180points) 2 months ago

Results will be coming in soon. Maybe some are already decided.
I know most jellies feel I am stupid for my support of our president. I also know most of those same jellies have suffered a lot of anxiety and/or anger over our president.
I care about that.
How is everyone feeling? Did your area get the results you hoped for?
Is there anyone who needs to vent?
I’m not posting this to debate with anyone. I just want to know if the fluther is okay.

Please let’s don’t argue on this thread. Let’s just be supportive for one another.

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I’m not checking results until much later or tomorrow if I can wait that long. I had a crappy day because my car was electronically locked in a parking lot and I had to pay $225 to get it released.

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Pretty good, a little leery of the aftermath either way.

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I hate Trump, he is a complete douchebag but… I support more than few things he has done. It’s time to literally make America great again even it that’s not Trumps “great” but a more universal, inclusive and humble great. No worries @Patty_Melt we are on the same wavelength. I think you care about people and I adore you for it.

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@janbb You’re not having much luck these days. I hope the election results will cheer you up!

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Penguin pamper time.
What can we do to help?
Man, credit cards, and now this. You need to catch a break.

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Thanks guys! It has been a troublesome week.

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I’m going to reveal a secret I have about elections.
Like anyone, I hate the campaign advertising. Insults, anger, attempts to strike fear.
I like result nights though. Besides the suspense, it is a time when men choose their favorite ties to wear. Some are shiny, some have bold patterns, some are bright, but they all have me picturing those men at home or hotel, feeling proud and handsome with their choices. Face beaming and just a bit more cologne than usual. Result nights all the media and political peacocks are strutting those displays.
Awww, yeah, look at the fresh haircut on him.

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I detest the mud slinging during elections instead of campaigning on your strengths you sling shit at your rival saying how bad life would be if they were elected, but elect me and there will be golden showers for everyone,type thing.
And most people buy it hook line and sinker every darn time.
I am an outsider looking in and wouldn’t care all that much,if your idiot president hadn’t imposed unjust tariffs on us.
That and I truly believe all people regardless of wealth have a RIGHT to affordable health care for them and their families.

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Thanks for asking. I don’t feel better yet, politically speaking. Wondering if I ever will.

The penguin has had a worse week than I have, so I don’t need as much sympathy. A little would be nice, though. Right now I want to run away from home, and that has nothing to do with politics.

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@Jeruba Sending good wishes your way!

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At this moment, 7:46 PM, the polls aren’t closed and won’t be in the northern part of the state until 9 PM my time. Looked like a good turnout all day!

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Polls are still open in California. I feel fine.

@ARE_you_kidding_me I’m curious, you wrote, “I support more than few things he has done.”. Like what? (don’t worry—not going to argue. Honestly, I’m just curious.)

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Very scared. The House is basically a toss-up right now. If we don’t win it, my chances of being able to survive in this country are slim.

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As an Australian seeing all the crazy news, I’m feeling very hopeful. We are dumbfounded that he was elected in the first place. Fingers and toes crossed.

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Where the heck have you been??!!!? How have you been?

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I have a sore throat, so I’m feeling pretty crappy, actually, knowing that I days of unpleasant cold symptoms ahead of me.

Oh. Not that kind of feeling. I’m alright. I don’t feel too strongly about any races here in Nevada. I’m just waiting to see what the national results will be.

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Locked my doors and heading to bed. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow in many ways.

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I’ll never support anyone who supports assholes.

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Yes trails, you. I haven’t seen you much since I came back.

Dem, sorry you aren’t feeling well.

@all, please let’s try to keep a supportive tone here. If you can’t be supportive then please bleed your ass on another thread.

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So many counts are very slim differences.
I can’t believe how many candidates are only one or two percent apart.

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Feeling a lot better now than I was a little while ago. Nate Silver should have to pay the medical bills of anyone who has a heart attack tonight :P

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@Patty_Melt thank you so much ! I had a stroke jan 2017 its Been a rough couple years

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I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Are you gaining strength? Have you had help with rehab?
I still don’t have diagnosis for what I live with, but I am finally getting some help. The VA has been supplying some items to help me get through my days. I don’t know how long it will take, but I will be getting an electric scooter. They are working on plans to build a lift so I have a way to get it in and out of the house.

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Why? What’s going on SQ? PM me?

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I’m okay. Kind of tired. Going to bed. Thanks for asking.

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A bit better now.

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Rest well all.
Please check back in tomorrow.

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@Patty_Melt I had the usual 6 weeks rehab, I applied for disability after my stroke that’s still ongoing. I had massive depression and fatigue, I got Zoloft I think it helps a little and still operating ‘the petting zoo’ to get by. I can’t believe how long it has taken to this point, strokes really scrambling the brains lol. I’m so glad you’ve gotten some help from the VA!

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I’m all tickity-boo, cheers for asking.
As for the mid-term results, nothing to do with me but the expected blue wave didn’t happen.
Considering the hatred for Trump, that’s quite a shocking surprise.

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@ucme We flipped the blue incumbent out. No blue wave here at all. I voted for a few Dems myself, not worried.

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It wasn’t a tsunami and both sides had victories but my state went from red to blue and the House now has a Democratic majority.

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My state, Massachusetts, stayed the same. Republican Governor, Democrat everything else. We are so amazingly consistent here.

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Democrats were never expected to take the Senate because the numbers were stacked against them (defending 26/35 seats). Democrats got the House and many governorships. Amazing that folks are spinning that as a failure.

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@Mariah It’s definitely not a failure!

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Both Clinton & Obama lost the House of representatives in their mid-term era, not an uncommon occurrence or a fatal blow which a lot of voters were expecting & certainly wished for.

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Yes, the opposition party usually wins the midterms.

What gaining the House means in practical terms is that Trump’s agenda has grinded to a halt. There is no longer any legislative path forward for some of the most egregious goals like repealing the ACA, building “the wall,” cutting or privatizing Medicare and Medicaid, etc.

House Democrats also now have the power to open investigations into any of the shady shit that has been going down for the last two years.

There is now, finally, a check on the GOP’s power.

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Plus the number of people who voted and the number of people from diverse backgrounds, especially women, who are now in the House are a distinct positive.

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I’m pretty happy with the results of this. Now is a good time for gridlock.

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Glad to see so many women do well, one a muslim too, also an openly gay guy became a governor I think, saw that & felt heartened can’t recall his name though.

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The opposition party usually takes the House during midterm elections. It wasn’t a surprise in that sense. But I don’t take much for granted anymore.

Result-wise, last night was probably as good as can be expected.

But numbers-wise, it was a bitter reminder that 32 million Amerikans are A-OK with what’s been happening the last two years.

Emotionally, pessimistic.
Pragmatically, optimistic.

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Does-does this mean Space Force is on halt for awhile??

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Woot! Woot! Raising the roof, female vets in the House!

@ucme, that governor you speak of is in Colorado.

Very young women, lady veterans, yes, very new mix of people running and winning.
I honestly think President Trump has everything to do with that.

President Obama proved a candidate can get into the White House who is neither white, nor old, nor old money.
President Trump proved someone with no background in law, nor politics can run, win, and do a good job.

Lots of fine people in the past have wanted to run, but were held back by either fear of not being taken seriously, or ran and lost because voters just couldn’t break away from favoring people who fit old fashioned traditional stereotypes.
We have seen a record breaking voter turnout, and record breaking non stereotypical candidates in a midterm election.
We has some historic results in my state. I am elated with most every choice made in my general area, red and blue. Actually, I think things turned out pretty much purple. Purple is my favorite color, and is how I tend to vote.

@Mariah, I am so glad you are comfortable with results.

@all, I am hopeful we can see less anger and bickering now in fluther.

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The results mean Trump can no longer ignore the views of half the electorate quite so easily. That has got to be a good thing.

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Actually, I think it will provide more dialogue between parties. I think the past two years dems have said no to everything just out of fear of being railroaded. Now that the have some equity they may be more willing to look at all proposals with a more open mind.

I am hopeful things will tone down, and more thoughtful discussions can take place.

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I’m just glad it’s over. I managed to stay drunk throughout the whole day. The whole process sickens me…

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I’m sorry you felt thusly, Grimmy.

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^Well it’s not your fault.

It saddens me, to see everyone thinking that they accomplished something. Sweeping, systematic change is needed in our government. The way it’s run, and whom is allowed to run it. No matter who voted for who, they all voted “yes” to being OK with how everyone is fooled into believing that they actually have a choice.

It’s disappointing. Watching the sheep go through the motions, for a damn sticker…. The sticker is the only thing they really get…

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I pretty much figured we wouldn’t see a “blue tsunami” or even a “blue wave”. I think I predicted a ripple at best. I think that is what we saw. Not unexpected. Many of the state issues past which I figured would also happen, including a new voter ID law. I was happy about that.

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Wisconsin got more than a sticker. We got rid of Scott Walker. I watched the results until very late. It was within 200 votes many times with Evers, then Walker taking the lead. It was back and forth for hours. It was stressful and exciting to see democracy in action.

We are also a swing state that went heavily blue. This does not bode well for Trump in 2020.

I’ve been better, but thanks for asking. I’m riding the roller coaster.

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^^ Political party views aside, what doesn’t make sense to me is that they announced who the senator was less than 10 mins after polls closed (I looked at the clock it was like 8:07)? Apparently, there were many early calls. Wonder what’s going on (I don’t believe it is the Democrats fault nor the Republicans entirely, both did some weird stuff)

Republicans have the Senate which has more power. They got a few states that were Blue before like Florida so it’s slightly in their favor.

Definitely didn’t have a “Blue wave” but we didn’t really have a red one either.

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@SergeantQueen, sometimes results can be called right after polls close.
If the candidate has a certain percentage, and early voting covers enough of the population, they know there are not enough votes remaining to swing it the other way.
States don’t all close their polls at the same time.
Precincts handle voting in various ways.
With so many differences it is tough to keep up with the practices of all, but it is possible to call some races right away.

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