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Do you think it is a good thing that everybody got a little something they wanted in yesterday's election?

Asked by josie (30916points) November 7th, 2018

Democrats got a couple of new statehouses, and a majority in the House, Republicans got a couple of new Senators and dodged the projected Blue Wave tsunami.
Seems like everybody got a little bit of what they wanted.

Does that mean they might actually get a little work done?

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Yes, it is a good thing. Balance of power is how it should be.

Does that mean they might actually get a little work done?

Whoa, slow down. Let’s not get crazy.

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< Work ! > Maynard G. Krebs
Trump will be telling the House what to do, tweeting threats daily to members of Congress.

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Aww bless, they shared stuff round like the Amish share horse shit.
Everybody happy…tra la lala la la.

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It is a good thing. Everyone should sing along with the Trololo guy. Russian btw. Lol

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A little something means a lot of Trump—not a good thing.

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“Work done?!!!!!” Not a chance.

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We will get gridlock now and I’m quite happy with that for the time being. Both sides scare the crap out of me at the moment.

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^So that’s the best we can.hope for now? I agree. But that’s starting to become a pattern.

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