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Just found out I have a 1961-era Polaroid J66 Land Camera. What should I do with it?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) August 21st, 2008

Background on the camera.

They stopped making film for it back in ‘92. And you can sell ‘em on eBay for oh, about $9.

Mine has the original leather carry case… and better, the original cardboard box it was sold in.

Back in the day, they sold new for about $90… I guess that’d be about $500 in today’s money.

Seems a waste to chuck it (or recycle it). But without film, what can I do?

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keep it Rob, you can use it as a piece of furniture for your country house :)

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Or you could try taking it to specialist dealer and see what he’ll give you for it.

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Oh man, I’d keep it if I were you. But that’s because I love old cameras. Hey, if you really don’t want it, give it to me. ;-) But seriously, I think you should keep it. Put it on a shelf, and it will be a conversation piece. I think it would be cool to have a collection of old timey cameras.

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Rob, where is the masked man now??

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Oh, he’s still there (with some friends).

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WAIT NO! Send it to ME!

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@rob, where is that picture from.
also, I have a simillar situation. I wish polaroid hadn’t ruined itself…

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Put it in a Museum…
Polaroid has stopped making film for instant cameras.

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ENJOY IT! polaroids are the perfect camera to capture the moment.

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oh wait nvm i didnt know you didnt have film, send it to me!

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Definitely keep it and display it! Or send it to me so it can be with its kin.

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