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Where's the best place for hot wings in San Francisco?

Asked by JoshLowensohn (44points) August 21st, 2008

Looking to get my wing on, although Yelp has proven to be a mixed bag when it comes to decent recommendations. Where can you get the best wings in the city?

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Oh man, you guys don’t have BW3s in San Fran!

Drive to Reno?

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Try a Tony’s Supa ha-ha-hot wings place, they served the best, last time i was there the had free refills.

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probably nowhere. work your palate and penchant back east for hot wings.

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Some things just don’t travel. Just like I have never had a great bagel outside NYC or cheesesteak outside Philly, charliecompany34 is right. There are no great wings in SF.

If you must have a fix, try New Yorker’s Buffalo Wings on Lombard Street.

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….......or Patrick’s on 30th and broadway.

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Is there anywhere here in SFO that serves Maple-Hot wings? Mmmmm, maple-hot!

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