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If you think there's a God, what makes you think so?

Asked by noitall (159points) November 8th, 2018

Personally I haven’t thought there was one since way back sometime in my mid-teens (and I’m 71 years old now), nor believed in a Heaven, nor in a Hell, nor in anything supernatural at all, and I have no inclination to change. So I’m staying entirely out of answering this, and I won’t be commenting or otherwise on any of the answers. And I’m humbly requesting that other non-believers stay out of it, too, in order to keep from clogging up the point of the question. Because I’d really like to know any and all reasons that anyone who does think there is a God thinks so.

So, to restate it:

Only if you do think there is a God, what makes you think so?

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When I was younger, I thought a lot about things like this. What I decided was that there was way too much structure in the world for there not to be someone/something that set it. We even talk about scientific “laws” that are supposed to hold true across the universe. How does that happen if not by purpose? So I decided there was a God, or something that would pass as that.

As I got older, I started focusing on the nature of God. I read the bible and the koran. Decided I like Christianity because I started realizing all the things Jesus taught us were ways to bring peace into our lives. It was teachings about how to be the best person you could be. I then realized that was what I tried to do when I was raising my children…to teach them to be the best people they could be.

When I have had troubles in my life, I found that most of them were made worse because I was trying to do everything. If I turned the problems over to God, all the problems resolved themselves in very short order.

So that is how I got to the point that I believe there is a God .

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The evidence of a loving God is present all around you, every day, from the glory of a dawn to the bond between a child and a parent, the miracle of someone in recovery.

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My earliest memories are wanting to die. Looking back on it now, it’s a little bit funny, but also sad: I remember trying to figure out how to commit suicide, but I was so young, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’d smack and hit myself here and there, but I didn’t get anywhere closer to dying, and instead it just hurt!

For me growing up was extremely difficult. There was lots of grief, loss, and rejection. The thought of becoming an adult was terrifying to me, because my life was already out of control, and I figured it would only get more difficult once I had to work and make decisions for myself.

By the time i was 18, I was at the point where i was just done with life. About that time I met some Christians who started telling me about God. I prayed and asked Jesus to take over the mess I called my life. I said, “God, if you’re not real, I’m going to commit suicide. I can’t stand living like this anymore.”

The first thing I noticed was that I no longer had the desire to kill myself. However, God didn’t fix anything else. I learned the hard way that there are true Christians, and then there are people who call themselves Christians, but have no interest in living like one. I discovered that in general, the fake ones are the ones who give Christianity a bad name.

Many decades have passed since those days. God has restored me. I remember everything that happened, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. I have discovered that it’s possible to live every day in peace- and even joy, even when life is most challenging.

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I chose to believe in God in my late teens. After being raised in church, its natural to question your beliefs, and I did.
The thing is, when I pray for help, I get it. I’d say at 45 years old, either there is a God listening or I have the best luck of anyone. I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen lives changed, I’ve felt loved and comforted.

#Just to clarify, I am reading Twains Letters from the Earth now and it’s extremely hard on me. It’s not me hiding from atheists, I fully expose my beliefs consistently, and I still believe.

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To me, the very existence of replication and contrast has to mean that magic is true, and that therefore God exists in the traditional sense.

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Not God™, but gods, yes, as ideas, archetypes, and spiritual templates and things people do mediumship with, etc.

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