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What would it take for you to believe?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16643points) November 9th, 2018

We had why believe in a god, why not believe, so now I am asking, if you don’t believe, or if you have doubts, what would it take?
What would convince you once and for all a god (or some gods) really exist?

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Repeatable, testable evidence.

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Well, if he appeared before me out of thin air, then teleported all my grandkids here so we could all hang out for the day, then I would believe. And we could go to the zoo and he would make all the animals escape, but he would make all the animals be nice, and we could pet them and ride them and stuff. Then when we left he put them back by magic. Then I would believe.

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Nothing. Least of all the evidence of my senses, which are easily fooled. Not possible. Been there, left it way, way behind. Not going back.

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For me, being born again, and subsequent indoctrination.

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Loli, obviously non believers require proof. I asked specifically what. You are being too general.
What one thing could make you say, in a literal sense, “oh my god”?

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Well, he can’t answer that because he’d have to be able to repeat it, so it wouldn’t be “one thing.”

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God could visit, perform some supernatural miracles that somehow only happened in ancient times, and then explain what was the plan in making people around the world dream see God in conflicting and mutually exclusive ways.

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I might be convinced that there was some kind of supreme being, a “god” if you like, but I can’t think of any question, or proof this “god” could provide that could convince me he was “God” and not “Satan.”

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But Satan even if he were supremely evil, would still qualify as a god.
God is not interchangeable with good.
Anyway, in accordance with most beliefs, there is a bad to challenge the good. It has to be a god, otherwise humans would have the role of evil opposition.

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I already have everything that could possibly make me believe. The little blue flowers I saw by the side of the Sugach Burn last summer were more convincing that if God himself had stepped down from Heaven through golden clouds. What was most impressive about them is that they made no attempt to impress. They just went on and on being flowers, shaking a little in the breeze.

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@ Patty Melt True enough but almost every person, if asked (I’ll wager) to chose between the two, would pick “God,” (the good one, in their thinking) so there would be some pretty monumentous personal conundrum about it.

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What would convince you a god, any god will do for the purpose of this question, exists?

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Undeniable, repeatable, scientific proof. But first I would have to care, which I don’t.

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So, using planets to play marbles?
I get that word of mouth won’t suffice for some. I get you would need proof.
My question is, what would be proof. Saying scientific evidence does not answer the question, because that much is inferred by the question itself.
If you don’t care, why did you post?
I am curious what it would take for non believers to change their position.
The responses are more vague than the Bible.

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When God performs miracles as described in the Bible

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If a spaceship flew out of Trump’s head & announced in a loud & steady voice…
“We fooled you all, now we go”
That would grab my attention & have me ponder over a higher power.

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I believe more strongly that there is no “God.” I am absolutely convinced that there is no “God.” So there is no logical reason to work/think to change my position. It would be/take a total waste of time and mental effort.

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The only sort of god that I could justifiably believe exists, would be one that can provide good evidence of its existence, and any such evidence would be incontrovertible and not more reasonably explained by natural variables.

What I am sure of is that no such god exists, since any scrutable god would necessarily have evidence for it.

What would the evidence be like? I can imagine any number of scrutable gods. The Monty Python god of a crowned head in the clouds with a booming voice would suffice.

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Not sure there is anything that wouldn’t just lead me to the conclusion, that I had finally lost my mind.

I would despise any God, that had any real power. I would feel extreme anger towards any being that stood by, and watched us suffer.

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Hey, Grimmy! You and I are on the same page for once.
Your opening statement made me laugh, but I get the literal aspect too.

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Convincing the skeptics would be a very simple thing. He would merely have to show up and tell me. Now I can readily understand why He might find me unworthy of the effort. But you have to be at least suspicious of a deity which operates through proselytizing intermediaries. In other words, everything known and believed about God is revealed through people as flawed and fallible as myself. Why the need for so many middlemen with conflicting messages?

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To actually appear, and be around all the time. I’m sure religious people will answer that with they see God everywhere. Why does God require blind faith? It’s just mean.

Why do so many people in the world suffer such extremes? I believe if there was a God we would have a better world and less suffering, because I believe if there was a God, He would be a nice God. Not this mess with slavery and genocide and children born with cancer and even my high cholesterol. Punishing us for someone eating an apple? Give me a break. That’s just mean. Making a virgin girl birth a baby? Mean again. I know not all religions believe those things.

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Perhaps He is a nice god, only for the most part indifferent.,

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Could you imagine?
Suppose God did suddenly appear, and it turns out he took a god sized nap, and only just learned what a mess he missed?
Doctors and cops would be unemployed.
Guilt would be felt everywhere, felt by so many you could smell the stench of it.

What then? Do you suppose?

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Believe or obey? I Believe but don’t worship. I Believe that other people are higher powers.

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And no jury duty! The ultimate judge would be here.

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@stanlybmanly Indifference isn’t nice. It can mean lack of empathy, which is a characteristic or sociopaths.

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Power and fear are not valid criteria for worship.
For reference, this dialogue from Stargate SG1:

You have made the right choice. There is no honor in fighting an unwinnable battle.

Nor peace at the hands of a tyrant.

I assure you, the Ori are not the Goa’uld.


Have we truly lived as slaves for so long that we must fear being free?

It has nothing to do with freedom. Enlightenment is just within our reach.

Or so the Ori would have us believe.

[Teal’c approaches a stone monument in a clearing. Gerak looks stricken when he reads the glyphs on the monument and realizes where they are. Teal’c watches his reaction.]

Why have you led me here?

I thought it fitting that on this day when we must sacrifice our short-lived freedom, that we do so here, at the site of the battle of Tazek’sur, where your father gave his life for this very cause. You began to doubt the Goa’uld long before this rebellion took shape, Gerak. It was your father’s death at their hands that led you to question ‘what god is so deserving of my worship?’”

You were not the one who was chosen. You did not witness the wonders I beheld.

Did they raise the dead? Heal the sick and wounded? Destroy their enemy with but a wave of their hand?

The Goa’uld deceived us. The Ori’s powers are pure.

And what is the measure of a god, Gerak? Is it the scope of their power, or how they choose to wield that power? Would a god who is prepared to lead us on the path of enlightenment so contradict this divine benevolence by destroying all those who refuse to believe in him?

Those who refuse to believe must die.

[Teal’c approaches and leans close to Gerak.]

I understand how difficult this must be for you, Gerak. Nearing your final years, you so desperately long for the enlightenment we all seek. This is not the way to save yourself.

[Gerak is visibly upset.]

I only wanted to avoid bloodshed.

Stay this course, and you will have no choice but to spill the blood of your brothers…

[Teal’c grabs hold of Gerak’s Prior staff and points the orb towards himself.]

…and you may start with me. For if I have a choice between resistance or returning to the life of slavery, then I choose to die free.

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I would believe if in 5 minutes trump is back to being a TV show host. And bald.

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@flutherother…do you feel the same sense of awe over cockroaches and gangrene as you did over the blue flowers?

I would believe if he could come down and we could chat and he could explain how he could have allowed someone like Trump to become president, or someone like Hitler rise to power to terrorize and murder millions. According to many Christians, at least one, or both, of those men were the will of God.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t like cockroaches but they are as much a proof of the existence of God as the blue flowers.

Regarding Hitler, I don’t believe it was the will of God that brought him to power. It was the direct result of men and women electing him whether out of malice or from sheer stupid irresponsibility.

Regarding Trump, I have made my feelings known on many other threads.

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Explain how abused and tortured children are proof of the existence of God. And I refuse to let you let him off the hook. If all the good is because of him, then so is all the bad. It’s his fault. He has control of everything. He could stop it, but he doesn’t.

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god made the serpent, it made it to be conniving and manipulative.
it made eve, and it made her susceptible to the wiles of the serpent.
it made adam, and it made him to be lonely, causing him to wish for a partner.
it made the tree, and planted it in the garden.
it put the serpent there, as well.
the fucker planned it all in advance and then punished its creation for his own scheme.

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If this supreme being made me a supreme being so that I could defeat it and become a supreme being that actually gives a fuck.

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