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Please, I need to understand what guy in this audio saying.

Asked by tbx06910 (6points) November 10th, 2018

Hello fellows ;) As English not my native language, I can’t understand what is that guy saying. I’ll provide you with link to the audio:

Not the spam! Original site is –


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English is my native language & it is very difficult to understand what is being said. I’m definitely NOT sure but it sounds like “You or your business” might be the words. Then again, it might not be anything like that!!! With no other reference & only 2 seconds to hear, that’s the closest I can get!!!

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This what is he saying 3 seconds earlier :
But I clearly understand those 3 seconds)

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In the clip you linked to, the man says ”...kid from Pontiac, Michigan…”

You can read the captions for the whole speech here on YouTube:

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