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Is God within human understanding?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22197points) 3 months ago from iPhone

As asked.

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Maybe not. This could be why you have to believe but there is clearly no evidence of existence.

However, saying god is beyond human understanding also sounds like the kind of thing a believer would say to a non believer when confronted with critical thinking.

I could go either way.

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Not logically and realistically. But if one chooses to believe, he/she will.

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As a human creation, yes, just as much as a symphony is. Not everyone can write one, and in fact very few can; but anyone can hear one. However, most people choose not to. But as a human creation, it is something that can be comprehended by a qualified human mind.

As an ineffable, omnipotent, omniscient, infinite, eternal divine entity, though? If we could wrap our minds around this thing, how could it be what we mean by “God”? I don’t think we can even imagine a number like one trillion, never mind an ineffable (etc.) being.

That’s pretty much why it doesn’t matter if there is one or not. Exactly what difference does it make?

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Yes and no. The Divine is understandable to the extent of one’s understanding, but never completely.

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God plays skeeball.

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I don’t even think man is within human understanding.

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He is capricious, egoistic, jealous, prone to violence and fits of immeasurable destruction when things do not go his way.
He is an immature child, with the power of an intergalactic dictator. So, yeah. Well within human understanding.

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Very easy to understand, like Santa & the Tooth Fairy, God is a child’s play thing, a fantasy.
Most sensible folks grow out of that phase, except with Santa, who of course remains real.

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If we could understand God, we’d be gods. And we’re not, last I checked.

People love to attribute to God their own thoughts and feelings. They see themselves in him. Which makes sense, since we’re created in God’s image. As divine creations, we have a spark of divinity in us. But God is a blazing fire. The spark doesn’t comprehend the flame, but it has the potential to grow to be more like it.

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No because the things that are attributed to him are utterly illogical. You can not understand or predict illogic.

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Is God within human understanding?

Yes, humans understand the anthropomorphic belief in imaginary beings and the inherent sophistry of the a priori imperative.

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