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How would you teach a six year old how to gargle?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) November 11th, 2018

Apparently, under six year old’s are difficult to teach it.

How would you go about that?
Step by step.
Without him/her waterboarding him-/herself accidentally.

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I don’t know but I sure want to see video of it!

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I think I would approach it with the question “do you want to make some funny noises with your mouth?”. In other words, turn it into a game.

Show him how yourself, and make the silliest noises you can think of. He’ll want to do the same thing.

Make it into a game.

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Well, try dry garggling first.

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I’m not sure that I’d even try!!! I think that is one of those things that the body needs to be more mature to grasp. You might try by doing it yourself & letting them watch. Then maybe let them try. No matter how you do it, I can see some strangling & feelings of drowning in your future!!!
Kid showing kids how to gargle.
Little boy figuring it out.
Toddler gargling.
Toddler after watching daddy.
Guess I was wrong. Both these toddlers weren’t even 2 yet. After watching a bubch of these, it seems that the adult doing it in front of the kid. Then leave them alone for a few days & the kid will teach themselves how to do it at their own pace & in a way they feel most comfortable!!!

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Dry gargling is the first step toward doing the Chewbacca.

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Babies gargle on their own. They tend to enjoy making the sound.
The only thing is to help them to spit after, without swallowing.
If you make the sound together a few times then provide a tiny amount of water, and explain making the sound without swallowing the water.
After a couple of spits, they can try mouthwash.

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Use water for practice. Explain that you don’t want them to swallow it. Show them how you do it. Have them take in a breath, take a drink, hold water in their mouth, put their head back and keep the water from going down their throat, not even starting to gargle yet, but keeping their throat closed. Then explain you push out air. Remember you need air in your lungs to push air out. You can’t be short on air or you will want to breath in, which will be drowning.

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Be a pirate, take a swig, throw your head back and say arrggh but don’t swallow any sea water.

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Thanks, Jellies!
Now I only need to make myself a six year old.

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