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Why do I always put off anything I consider work until the absolute last minute?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) August 21st, 2008

Even when it’s something I would normally enjoy? And even when I know I could accomplish the whole thing in a few hours, but procrastinating will make it take days?
And how do I STOP doing that?!?

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Join the procrastinators club! We will meet sooner or later!

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Ask NecroKing he knows this one, he always used to do this.

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I think it’s best we not ask him anything…

Chica, when you figure it out, send me the pill!! Guilty as charged!! LOL

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I create lists of things I both must get done and want to do, like watch tv. Then I commit myself to finishing the list in order. This way I have the visual of what I must do before getting to sit down and watch ESPN.

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Well I used to be like you, I got over it however, think about other things you might be able to do and not think about your problems while doing it, then it will give you the motivation to get said thing done. and poof don’t even try it.

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I am a procrastinator too. It is a terrible affliction. I find it really annoying, because once I get into a project, I am fine. In fact, as you point out, I often enjoy it.

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I was going to answer this but I got distracted..

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@Eambos: The Procrastinator’s Club of America really does exist, and Les Waas has been the President since 1956, because we in the club have never gotten around to the 1957 elections.

The club is still in the midst of its 1983 membership drive. If you want to join, write to:

PO BOX 712
BRYN ATHYN PA 19009–0712

Take your time. Membership dues are $16, because they’ve never gotten around to raising them.

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I recommend the book Getting Things Done. There are some simple ideas for setting up tasks and getting yourself out of a rut and breaking things in to smaller more manageable tasks, etc. It’s really helpful for whatever kind of work you do—even running a household. He discusses different reasons people procrastinate, too. Cheers!

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If you are like me, it’s because I love pressure!

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You like adding the extra stress to your life?

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@loser: Believe it or not, some folks actually thrive on pressure, and when it is suddenly eliminated from their lives, they suffer heart attacks.

This happens to many police officers, and way too often. They lose that daily “adrenaline rush,” and they suddenly drop dead.

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I know what Jack means, believe me :s

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I still don’t have any clue why I put some things off so long. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something, so you would figure that would be a driving force. It’s not.

I took Adderall while writing a long report in college to see if it would help. I got everything else done that I was putting off on the first day. The second day I actually got around to doing some work on the paper.

Don’t take this as an endorsement to do drugs you aren’t prescribed, but it would at least seem there is a chemical cure out there.

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I think some people are anxious and overwhelmed by larger tasks. There are things you can do about both of these. It can be something as simple as getting enough sleep and breaking tasks down.

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