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Did you watch the commemorative event in Paris of the 100 year anniversary of the end of WWI?

Asked by JLeslie (56420points) 3 months ago from iPhone

I only saw about 25 minutes of it. Here are my questions:

Was there a reason the young adults who read the words of the people describing the event 100 years ago were wearing black and old? Is it just fashionable colors right now in Europe? I immediately thought it was German flag colors. It seemed to me like each should have been wearing the colors of their country represented.

What did you think about what Macron said about nationalism and patriotism? I noticed that Merkel had an earpiece, I assume to translate, but Trump didn’t. I couldn’t help but wonder if Trump had no idea what most people were saying, including Macron, during the speeches today. Do you think it was appropriate for Macron to specifically address nationalism as part of the armistice ceremony?

Add anything you would like regarding the ceremony.

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Why would Trump wear an earpiece? That would imply he wanted to hear what someone else was saying. He has no interest in that.

Macron’s words about nationalism were entirely appropriate both for the reason for the event, and for the audience, including someone who declared himself a Nationalits just a week ago.

The dress worn by the students was most likely designed to reflect communal grief of all countries, not for representation of a particular country.

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I only watched the Macron talk about nationalism part. I think it was a great place to make those declarations. There was a little shock value, but that’s what some people need.

Trump supporters would be wise to take a long look at what behavior ,like Trump’s can lead to. It pleases me when people call him out. Especially other world leaders.

Europe is in a dangerous place with it’s refugee crisis. The speech was aimed at the rising nationalism there as well. It’s a problem regardless of where it is, and should be stomped out like the dangerous fire it can become. I wish every world leader embraced coexistence. The POTUS clearly doesn’t…

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