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So, what is your opinion on Pikachu being voiced by Deadpool in the new movie?

Asked by ragingloli (44098points) 3 months ago

I will be so pissed if he does not start dismembering other pokémon halfway through the movie.

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@ragingloli Thanks for the link. I don’t know much about Deadpool. Pica pica.

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Seems as good a voice as any. I will probably skip the movie.

On the other hand, I really like Deadpool. Right up my alley.

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Doesn’t jive well. Not just the voice but the personality. Not up to me though so good luck on the producers who green lighted this idea.

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I’m fine with it. What brothers me is that Sylar from hero’s is mr. Spock. Save the cheerleader save the world.

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