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I wouldn’t be shocked IF it’s not part of our future!!! Where there’s a horny human & somebody willing to fulfill their desires for money, almost anything could happen!!!

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I think I would be more impressed with brothels in airplanes. I mean, I could really give a flyin’ fig about that!!

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I suppose it makes as much sense as a whole lot of other things. Yet another tribute to the power of mobility.

It’s actually surprising that no enterprising religionist has built a temple to the wheel. Even after millennia, this modest human invention is still breaking new ground. It’s as worthy of worship as a carved rock or a piece of cloth on a stick, don’t you think?

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Can see the road signs now…

Humps next 500yds

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Time to buy stock in air fresheners, and lube dispensers…

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I’m holding out for its comeuppance the whoreless windless driverless car plug in app, until then I’ll have no truck with the idea.

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Makes you wonder what crimes driverless vehicles might be used for. Getaway cars for bank robbers? How about a drug den? It would give new meaning to the term floating crap game.

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Sounds like the makings of a good poem or prayer…

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^ Poor old St Christopher will need to wear a blindfold!!!

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