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Could you please comment for as long as possible of what are the meaning and the implications (in mathematical, statistical, probabilistical, economical, technical terms etc.) of the following three types of baseball contract?

Asked by luigirovatti (1344points) November 13th, 2018

Contract with the Lyacons
When Tokuchi had been accepted into the Lycaons, he and Saikawa agreed to a contract. The contract states that for every out he gets, he is paid 5 million yen, and for every run he loses, he pays Saikawa 50 million yen in return. Amendments were made later which states:

1. Always follow instructions from the dugout

2. Definition of a ‘run’ is any run lost during a pitching appearance, not just ‘earned runs’

3. Contract rate can be adjusted depending on the importance of the game

4. Existence of the contract can only be known to the 4 people present.

If clause 1 is broken, a fine of 500m is in place, and if clause 4 is broken, there is a fine of 500m and any salary up to that point will be invalidated.

New One Outs Contract Rules
Tokuchi, Kurai, Muruwaka, and Sugadaria’s total records will decide Tokuchi’s annual salary.
For Tokuchi and Kurai, for every out, +5m, and one earned run is -50m.
For Muruwaka and Sugadaria, one RBI is +50m and every 3 outs is -50m.
Incidentally, the three, Kurai, Muruwaka, and Sugadaira, do not know they are taking part in such a contract.
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It seems that he would be guaranteed a starting point of 15 million per inning pitched; But it comes down to how many innings he pitches per season, and how many runs are scored, both earned and unearned, while he pitches. If done in the US, some pitchers would do very well.

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