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Can you tell me about something you enjoy more in its non-digital state, but ultimately choose the digital version?

Asked by cookieman (36014points) 3 months ago from iPhone

If so, is this out of convenience or cost or some other reasons?

For example, I love printed magazines. When I was younger, I would spend hours in a book store or news stand combing through dozens of them. I did this weekly and always bought a few to take home as well.

Today, I simply do not have that kind of free time so I settle for Apple’s News app on my iPad where I can subscribe to any number of magazines or newspapers for free and read them at my leisure.

In this case, it’s really about time and convenience for me, but I prefer the printed ones still.

How about you Jellies?

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Using the auto checker for lotto. Half the fun was checking the old fashioned way. Now it is winner or no winner and no close almost satisfaction.

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I guess I would pick music. I love live music, but it would be impractical to hire a symphony to come to my living room.

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Book reading. Renting and not owning a house limits severely the space I wouldn’t mind filling with printed books so instead I have more books on Kindle.

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Music, I suppose. I love the sound of vinyl and I have a large record collection, but by default I listen to digital music. In some cases it’s just practical; not all the music I want to listen to is available on vinyl. Vinyl also sounds best when it’s brand new, but most of my records are old and worn and are prone to pops and clicks and distortion issues. Vinyl sounds good if you work at it, but sometimes I just don’t want to bother.

For everything else, I go with what I prefer. I enjoy real books better and I don’t read digital books. I gave them a try and never liked it.

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Books, so many are dirt cheap or even free in digital formats but expensive in print.

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