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You knew they were laughing at you. What did you do?

Asked by Jeruba (48175points) 3 months ago

I tried to save my dignity by pretending not to know they were laughing.

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They laughed when I dropped my books.
I laughed at their funerals.

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My face would give me away. It would turn red. I think I would try to act like I didn’t notice, but they would know.

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When are we talking about?
When I was a kid I don’t remember being laughed at. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it probably did, I just didn’t see it.

Now, like when my friends laugh when I slice a drive out of bounds and off a car or something, I laugh too.

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Depends, but I was raised to call them out.

My mom is a Sunday school teacher and she overheard two ladies at church asking if she did a good job, and one said no. So mom’s feelings were hurt and being a Christian, she didn’t want to cause issues at church. But the next Sunday she decided to tell them she heard and took offense. One apologized and the other never came back to church, they were both ashamed of their petty behavior.

Some people don’t realize how they come across, may as well tell them.

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I take mental notes, try to figure out why and think if it is justified or not. I can laugh at myself when I do idiotic things. So if it’s justified then no harm no foul. If they’re just being mean well…
I do give people multiple chances but when they’re up…they’re up. Forget help from me if you need it past a certain point.

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I ran away and hid.

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@RedDeerGuy1 You sweetie, I’d kick their butts for you. Hope you’re doing well.

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I had two mean older sisters that laughed at me and mocked me a lot. I learned to turn it around, make a broad joke about the incident and clown it off. I still do that to this day.

That’s not to say it doesn’t bother me, it does every time, but it tends to disarm the offenders.
A lifetime of practice has made it second nature. I guess I tend to find mean people to be around, they’re right in my familiar comfort zone.

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When I had roommates, two of them would text about the rest of us while we were all sitting there. One day one of them accidentally sent a text about me to me—while I was in the room. I texted back a smiley face, then sat back and watched her read her text and freeze. It was all stupid, but that allowed me to actually not care about what they were saying, which was freeing.

So I tend to do that same thing now—let them know I heard by some sort of action, like a smile, or a reference. If it’s mean-spirited, I do my best to show them I’m un-phased (whether or not this is true—sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t). If it’s just that I made some silly mistake or what have you, then I’ll laugh along with them (because it was probably quite funny) and hope they don’t feel they have to laugh behind my back next time.

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An administrative worker laughed at me because I type slowly. She actually mocked me for being a bad typist and made teasing, negative comments. I explained that there was no Typing section on the CPA exam, which I’d passed with award-winning scores, so I had never really worried about my words-per-minute. After that, she left me alone.

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Can’t recall if I was ever laughed at. Maybe that’s what I do…forget.

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I looked around with a look of great surprise on my face.
And if I ever had the occasion to be on the laughing end for any of them, to do so with great gusto!

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It depends what it is. I might act like I don’t know, I might directly to say to the person that “it’s not funny,” or, “I don’t appreciate being made fun of.” I might laugh along if I realize the humor in it. If I’m feeling especially annoyed I might come back with some way to make them feel foolish or small, but they would have to have been snide and condescending over a long time for me to do something like that.

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Gosh…it so depends on the circumstances. I can think of a few instances where I looked foolish or silly, and people laughed…but I did too. I was embarrassed but I saw the humor in it.

I can’t think of any other instances when I was laughed at.

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Surely you jest! Who would laugh at my waddle, my webbed feet or my shiny flippers? Who?

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