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Does anyone use mobileme or .mac?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) August 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m curious how you like it and how the web hosting is. Does it handle traffic? How much storage do you have for the actual site? Does your push email, contacts, etc work well.

Looking for personal experience.

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Yup. I have it.

I don’t use it for web hosting (I use Blue Host for that), but I’m very pleased with everything else. Especially the push functions.

I do understand, however, that plenty of folk have had trouble with it. I’ve been lucky.

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I use it for synching iCal & Address Book across two computers and two iPhones for me and my wife. Works great.

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Storage – 20Gb (can purcahse more) and can be split between email and idisk.

Push services to iphone – yep it works. On my PC the sync service gets very upset if there’s no internet access and lets you know with annoying pop-ups. (I kind of know that when there’s no internet the sync thing wont work – stop telling me every 5 minutes).

Web hosting – Needs one of the ilfe apps so I don’t use it. (i have a PC).

Also my 2 month free trial has been extended till some point next year so I haven’t actually had to pay for any of this. To be honest I don’t think I’d actually want to pay for the service I get at the moment, yahoo push email works in just the same way and as for push calendar and bookmarks you can always sync them when you connect to itunes. Also the push service eats battery power so it’s judgement call whether the benefits outweigh the battery cost.

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I have it. I use it like Dave and works great for me.

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Nah, but i get it for free from apple next year :D

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push email, calendar and contacts work flawlessly. The web hosting works well, and I especially like the photo hosting web application.

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Personally I never use my .mac account. I purchased it with my macbook a year ago and never really used it at all. The woman who sold me my computer was really pushing it so I bought it but just never found a good use for it.

It definitely depends on personal usage though. If you are going to be using it for web hosting it may be a good deal but since I am not it has kinda been a waste since you can just upload most things you would want to access anywhere just onto gmail account or just buy a flash drive for transferring from computer to computer.

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@wilhel182 and LightlySeared How did you get MobileMe for free for the next year???

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Apple had had so many problems with the launch of mobileme that they keep giving free time to subscribers.

So 1 free month for the lack of servers on launch day of the iPhone. 1 free month for charging £127 to my credit card by mistake. And 2 free months just recently for continued problems.

By the time the free trial runs out I’ll be so used to it I’ll have to actually buy the thing.

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@swimmindude2496 I’m and apple employee, so i get free mobile me if i get more than 9000 points on the apple online salestraining.

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@wilhel1812 O ok. I never really knew you were an Apple employee. Well good for you.

@lightlyseared Wow what luck. Well not really… haha. It’s bad but you get rewarded.

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Well, i work at a premium reseller. it’s allmost like an apple store, but it’s not actually owned by apple.

lol i actually wrote “and” instead of “an”
how did i manage to do that?

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