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I’m a bicurious man and I’m planning to go to Thailand soon. I would love to hook up with a black dude. How should I go about it?

Asked by Jacob69 (36points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone
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I would go by plane.

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Pretty sure you just go hang out and they come to you. I have a friend that goes once a year and is treated like a king and basically is offered a hedonistic buffet. Have fun and take a pal to watch your back.

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i’ve never been to Thailand, but I’ve heard that IF you want it, it will come to you!!! I suggest that you be careful & NOT go bareback!!!

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I wouldn’t think you would have to fly all the way to Thailand for that.

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My two cents:


1) @Jacob69 is law enforcement of some sort and is trying to do some crazy entrapment sort of thing,


2) @Jacob69 is some disturbed person who is trolling us because somehow he gets his jollies doing this.

98% chance that we never hear back from him,

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^ There’s a 100% chance that I DON’T care IF we ever hear anything else from him again!!!

As I said, I’ve NEVER been there; but, I have heard from some military personnel that is where you want to go IF you want to get freaky WITHOUT everybody knowing your business!!! My guess is that MANY an STD has emerged from Thailand!!!

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Can’t help you with this one.
But as someone said, why go to Thailand?
Save the money and hook up with a black dude in NYC, or South Beach or something.

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Maybe its Anthony Weiner…lol

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Carry a sign which says, “Black loves matter.”

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First and foremost, before you go, make up a will.

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@elbanditoroso Why would you think that man? I’m asking it here because I can’t ask my friends.

@Patty._Melt haha I might as well get a t shirt that says that

@rebbel Thank you

@Ladymarissa you are scaring me
Is it really that unsafe?

@KNOWITALL Nah man! Just a layman

@kritiper is it that dangerous?

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@KNOWITALL Thank you for the comment

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Take a basketball & watch them dribble.

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Why not try out Grindr?

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Thailand is a nice place to see sights, try out good food and yes, get sex. Prostitution is legal I think and seems no one would harass you for being into that.

But if you’re going in as a tourist for the first time and have no well trusted friend to serve as your guide, you best be careful by doing enough research on the net, personal blogs of foreigners who lived and are still living there and YouTube about those things you are going there for.

If you’re not an experienced traveler it’s best to reasearch on how to be one and make smart guidelines for yourself. And stick with them.

My few suggestions….never stray far from your main place of visit. At least on the first trip. Get in, get what you need, go home.

Read also on the current state of the sex industry over there. They had an AIDS epidemic years ago and seemed to have addressed that well if I’m not mistaken.

Lastly, NEVER have unprotected sex over there my friend.

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This sounds like a great way to go out of your way, to get into trouble. Especially if you don’t have much travel experience, or don’t really know anyone there.

Find a guy you like. Then both if you go to Thailand, if that’s a big deal.

Please use good judgement, and be as aware of your surroundings as possible, if you go. Think about the water, the food, and black guys you’ll be putting in your body. Be careful.

Peace n love.

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Don’t they have gay bars in your area where you could get laid for free? Why does it have to be Thailand?

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