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Do you color your own hair with a box color from the store?

Asked by Harper1234 (198points) November 14th, 2018

I can’t continue to have my hair colored at a salon because it cost too much. Was wondering how many use box color themselves and what brands are the best. Looking for a medium brown. My hair is short.

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HA – HA – HA !

It’s white and has been for over thirty years.

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I did, for a while, using one of those solutions that causes the hair to darken gradually. No one noticed! No one except Dad… he spotted it right off!

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I do occasionally, and basically use the cheapest one because it works best for me. Clairol Nice & Easy.

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Yes. I use Natural Instincts semi-permanent usually. This way as it grows out the color is fading also, and you don’t get a line of dyed and not dyed at the top of your head. If you have a lot of feet you will probably prefer a permanent dye though. I do have some grey now, and it covers it ok actually. But, I think if you’re more than 30% Grey probably the permanent is better.

Generally speaking, assume the color brown you pick will look darker on your head than you think it will when looking at the box. In other words, pick a color that is a little lighter rather than darker. The worst is you can dye over it with the slightly darker shade a week later, and then you know your color. Even if you buy two boxes the first time it’s way cheaper than the salon. Or, live with the color a little lighter for a couple of months, probably you have had that happen in the salon anyway. Most likely it won’t be light though.

Here is a link to the product I usually use.

It happens to be the color I very often use, but sometimes I go darker or a cooler shade of brown when I find it in the store. The stores don’t usually carry all the shades. It lasts about 6–8 weeks, and I wash my hair about 5 times a week.

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I stopped coloring my hair probably 15 years ago because I got tired of looking like a skunk every 4 weeks or so. I did color my hair for over 20 years before I stopped. My product of choice was Nice & Easy. For me, I usually went probably 2 shades lighter than I desired in order to have the shade that I wanted!!! My hair was prone to obtain red highlights which I didn’t care for. That’s when I discovered that IF I chose the Light Ash Brown that I’d achieve a nice medium brown with NO red highlights. Medium Ash Brown usually came out looking almost Black!!! When I decided to stoop any coloring, I started using Fancifull Rinse in fawn which is a medium brown for me It’s a rinse…NOT a dye & it washes out with each shampoo. For me, the benefit was IF I didn’t like it, I wasn’t locked in to the color. It was great for growing out as I applied after each shampoo & my entire head was brown. I keep my hair short & once my grey had grown out completely, I did the final shampoo & didn’t reapply. Since then, I’ve remained natural. Fancifull also has a Minx which will brighten the natural grey to a bright white without making the entire head white.

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I love Garnier Fructis foaming hair color. It’s really easy to use and it’s best for getting even color. It also doesn’t have ammonia and my hair doesn’t get as brittle and dry afterwards like other brands with ammonia. Lasts 6 months for me but I don’t wash my hair everyday.

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I do not color head nor beard.

Oh no not I! ‘tis odd and weird
Un-natural tinctures must be feared.

I would not color in a store

I would not color from a box.
I would not color greying locks.

I would not dye from tube or jar!
nor bottle, bag or samovar
so thar!

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My hair definitely pulls red when I try to go darker brown that is why I have to pay the salon to do it because I DO NOT want red hair. Many a stylist I have tried just do not understand how to mix color so the red doesn’t appear. You can tell them but they still can’t do it right. I was hoping someone had my problem and could tell me what to buy that did not pull red for them!

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My experience has been that IF you use any of the “Ash” colors it does NOT turn red…at least on me it didn’t!!! Light Ash Brown gave me a warm medium brown where Medium Ash Brown gave me a really dark brown almost black color. I also like most of the Ash Blond colors as I didn’t come out blond but a shade or 2 lighter than my natural color without the red highlights!!!

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