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Do people often create the thing they fear the most?

Asked by JLeslie (56401points) 3 months ago from iPhone

I guess like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Examples I’m thinking of:

A spouse afraid their spouse will leave or cheat so they become so possessive and controlling it pushes the spouse away.

Voting in a politician that talks about protecting your rights as part of the majority, and the next election in reaction to how extreme he is, getting lots of women, and minorities from many different religions and race.

Being a racist against a group and bringing them as slaves into the country or your community, and then later in history when they are freed having them living where you live as equals than cities that never abused and enslaved them that way, and so then because you were a hater you live now where there is a plethora of the people you hate, and they may have a lot of influence in your community.

Swearing you would never wind up like one of your parents, and finding yourself in the same position.

I’m looking for stories of this very sort of thing happening to you or simply a situation you have witnessed that fits this scenario.

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Not sure if early Americans who took Africans away from their continent to enslave them here had feared the possibility of living with them with equal status. Their vision could have been a world of perpetual white mastery over savages.

But yes, some members of later generations, those who happen to be racists probably did realize their ancestors had created what they fear the most.

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@mazingerz88 I didn’t even think in terms of them realizing it. I don’t think most people realize when they help create the situation they fear the most.

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Yes. There was a phrase we used in Christian circles, “Speaking it into existence.” I think it’s a good one. For example, if you tell your children often enough that they are stupid, they will begin to act stupid.

There is a philosophy I picked up somewhere that says it all, in my opinion.

Watch your thoughts; for they become words.
Watch your words; for they become actions.
Watch your actions; for they become habits.
Watch your habits; for they become character.
Watch your character for it will become your destiny.

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