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Is there some outstanding feature of a Rickenbacher guitar that makes it stand out from other makes of guitars?

Asked by kritiper (15992points) 3 months ago

As asked.

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I am not a guitar expert, but I love to play and I have a couple of electrics and one is a used Rickenbacker 330. It sounds great for the blues. It is light as feather because it is semi hollow. The neck is thin and the action is easy. Plus it just looks cool.
Terrific guitar.
Plus Rickenbacker pioneered in electrifying guitars.

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Played a 12 string Rickenbacker the owner was in a group I played in. Action and thin neck like @josie said.

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Hollowbodies have a unique tone but there is nothing really special. A well made guitar is a well made guitar. I’m partial to stratocasters myself, they’re more versatile.

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Thanks and GA’s to all.

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