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Regarding turkeys at Trader Joe's. What is the difference between their "regular" pre brined turkyey, and the "Kosher" pre brined turkey.

Asked by josie (28695points) 3 months ago

I usually get a turkey at TJ’s. But they also sell Kosher turkeys. I sort of understand the notion of Kosher, but how exactly might that effect the quality of the turkey. Or is it merely ceremonial?

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1) Kosher killed, meaning instantaneous for the bird.

2) examined by the mashgiach (Kosher inspector) to make sure no bad or blemished areas, or diseased areas on the bird, So probably a slightly better quality of turkey meat.

What’s the difference in price?

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1.99 vs 2.99 per pound.

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I would just go with the pre-brined if you have no need for Kosher. The Kosher is mainly for people who keep kosher and may be a little tastier but I doubt the difference would be noticeable.

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