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Can you help me out on a passion project?

Asked by andrew (16282points) 3 months ago

Hi Jellies! I’m trying something new—normally it’s really difficult for me to ask for help, but I’m starting a new project and I’d love your support.

I’m starting a weekly show where I stream indie games and give bad relationship advice, every Wednesday at 8pm Pacific at

Will you come and hang out for a couple hours? We’ll have lots of fun.

Mods, I tried contacting you ahead of time to clear this but I don’t know if the form is still working.

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The form works, we just didn’t manage to coordinate a timely response. Sorry!

This sounds great! Anything we need to know about Twitch to get started, or is it pretty straightforward?

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@SavoirFaire Nope! You don’t even need an account, unless you’d like to participate in chat during the broadcast. Just go to the URL!

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(Flagged as spam. Haha – not really)

I’ll give it a try as long as I’m up at 11 p.m. EST! Good luck with it Andrew! We love you.

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I’ll check it out!

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I’ll try it! It’s a little late for me but I’ll try to catch it when I get up for my late night bathroom visit.
(Was that TMI?)

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Will try to check it out too!
And hoping for a good BM for @LuckyGuy.

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^^Maybe he just pees.

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Haha…good point.

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Will we get to do voice chat or just regular chat?

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Hi @andrew! I’ll try my best to check it out. Good luck with new things!

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I will set a reminder on my phone.
Goo- oops, break a leg.

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The time difference is a problem. That is 4.00am over here. A “listen again” feature would be good.

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I need some bad relationship advice.

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^^ What’s a relationship?? :-)

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@tinyfaery Marry someone, then, on your wedding night, sneak out, go to a bar, drink lots, and sleep with the first person that wants a child with you.

That bad enough? ~

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Is @rebbel auditioning to cohost?

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Well, considering I am already married, yeah.

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Ah, add polygamy, even worse ;-)

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Everyone, is it over? I keep clicking on the link but all I see is 404.

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Tonight was a busy night. Maybe next time?

You were there for Blondesjon in the past. We’ll be there for you.

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I’m afraid I missed it, but I promise I have a very good reason.

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Hey all! Thank you for your support!!!

If you missed it, I’ll be streaming again this wednesday at 8pm pacific again. Join me in chat!

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