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Are there any advantages to push button over dials you spin?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39543points) November 19th, 2018

My stove, for example. It’s preset at 350 degrees, and I use that temp a lot, but if I want to change it I have to push and push and push the button forever. If it was a dial, though, I could just spin it and be done. I don’t know why they keep making products, like cars and stuff, with push buttons.
Are there any advantages to the push buttons?

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Because you have more accuracy incrementing a digital display than you do spinning a dial.

My appliances all allow major “jumps” in increments if I hold the arrow down.

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Speed. Oh you make me remember the type of telephone people used back in the day. Spinning one number after the next one. I like digital button these days. Some of my families still have traditional kerosene-stove that you operate with spinning dial (except that you have to feel the gauge as there’s no numeric indication).

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Speed…dialing in the instances we’re talking about (cars, ovens) is a lot faster.
On phones the push button is faster.

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A knob (potentiometer) on a stove, one you turn, gives you a greater degree of fine adjustment compared to a button you push which gives you only as many degrees as buttons to be pushed. The buttons on a phone are a fine example because if you want a 6, your get a six. There are no 6.357s or 2.956s or whatever.

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