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Can you usually find away to get around a problem?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45307points) November 19th, 2018

I usually can.
For instance, I like the Washington Post, but it only allows me 3 free articles a month. After that a pop up jumps up,telling me I have to subscribe, and obscures the article.
Well, as soon as the article opens, and in those few seconds before the pop up hits, I hit “ctrl a, ctrl c” and then paste the entire article in to Word.
It’s not as “sexy” as the original article, but it does the trick.

What are some tips you can give for getting around a “problem.”

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Yes, by finding/inventing the alternatives. Long ago during my college year in Macroeconomy class my lecturer has announced that there would be a topic presentation and each group should make Powerpoint presentation and are limited to certain number of slides (10 slides, maybe, I couldn’t remember accurately). Our group had lots of things to describe, the more content you describe the more scores you get, so instead of limiting and cherry picking our content I suggested to my team that we put tons of valuable content in one slide, in the form of slide show animation, heaping one animated content over the next one as much as possible, rinse and repeat for each slides, and there you go, we were able to deliver lots of valuable content in the form of animation, even covering what other teams after us would say. We didn’t violate the lecturer’s rules, we outsmarted him! (Although I ended up doing the animation since it was my idea and for my team mates to agree with the idea).

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In the case of the WP, you can clean your browser cookies. That resets you to 0.

But seriously – the WP (which was your example) actually is worth paying for. So I urge you to reconsider.

Some media isn’t worth a nickel.

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Why should I pay for it?

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When I get a computer virus I reset to factory settings.

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@Dutchess_III – because you are getting something of value.

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But there are other reputable free news sites presenting the same news.

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Then you don’t need to steal the WP’s stuff.

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I call my mom.

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Reduce the problem to essentials.
Then make a reasoned decision.
People run into trouble when they they think everything is a grey area.
In nature, there are no grey areas.

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I’ve gotten quite good at saying to myself, “Ok, so what’s Plan B?”

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